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7 Tips to avoid overspending on Christmas presents

We tend to spend the most money over the festive season, going on holiday, shopping for presents and getting a few extra spoils for our family.

Christmas is fast approaching and we’d like to help you be a savvier Christmas shopper this year. …Read More

    Small personal loans – 5 things you need to know

    If you rush into getting a small personal loan, you may overlook vital details that can cause you to accumulate future financial issues. Most small personal loans are dangerous but, for some, they are the only solution to current financial problems. When …Read More

      Save money ON a rainy day

      Nothing beats the smell of fresh rain and wet soil or the feeling of the cool Spring breeze. For some, typical Spring weather creates the desire to dive underneath blankets and watch Netflix TV shows; others get a new-found energy and zest …Read More

        Plan your December holiday now and save!

        We’re less than 2 months away from December! Can you believe it? While you may think it’s too early to start planning your December holiday, you may find that places are already getting booked out and there are fewer early booking discounts …Read More

          How to throw a budget-friendly kid’s birthday party

          When did birthday parties become so expensive? Back in the day, kids’ birthday parties included cake, a few snacks, some colourful balloons and some simple, traditional party games, such as three-legged races and musical chairs.

          These days, parents organise hired ponies, designer …Read More

            4 Simple ways to spring clean your finances

            While it’s natural to get into spring cleaning your house in September, we’d like to encourage you to spring clean something way more important: your budget. It’s necessary to evaluate and adjust your budget to ensure you’re not overspending or failing to …Read More

              Jumpstart your savings this Spring!

              We all know the importance of saving yet some of us still don’t put aside money every month. Saving money forces us to spend less than we earn and accumulate money for the future. So, if you haven’t set up a savings …Read More

                6 super healthy foods you can afford!

                Eating healthy is too expensive! – Can we stop using this excuse?

                We’ve all seen the ridiculous prices of healthy foods. Let’s take avocados for example. Once avocados became known as a power food, their price increased by over 100%. The food …Read More