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How long is SARS going to make me wait?

If you have not submitted your tax return yet, you need to do so soon. 16 October 2017 is the last day you can eFile a 2016 Federal Income Tax Return for Tax Extension filers.

Once you submit your tax returns, you …Read More

    4 Healthy decisions that will save you money

    Do you make healthy lifestyle choices? How well do you care for yourself and your family? Unhealthy decisions can really take a toll on your finances, now and in the long run.

    So, if you’d like to kill two birds with one stone …Read More

      Boost your immune system on a tight budget

      Going into Spring, many of us get affected by the change of season. Some people get a bit of hay fever, which makes their noses run and eyes water, and others get knocked down by a strong virus, causing them to rack …Read More

        7 Lies we’ve been told about personal finances

        7 Lies we’ve been told about personal finances

        How do you know what personal finance information is true? Trying to find valid ways to manage your money is difficult, especially when you have one “financial guru” telling you one thing, and another telling you something completely different. Even the smartest …Read More

          7 Ways to have fun on a tight budget

          These days, going out with your family and friends can cost a small fortune. The last time I took my kids to the movies, I ended up forking out a few hundred bucks – for under 2 hours of entertainment! Living is …Read More

            Should South Africans buy food in bulk?

            Living in South Africa is definitely not as cheap as it used to be. With the fluctuating rand combined with increased product imports and high fuel prices, South Africans find themselves pinching their pennies when it comes to buying groceries and household …Read More