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7 Easy ways to convert clutter into cash

With spring being just around the corner,  now is the perfect time to get a head start on decluttering your home! We all know that it’s important to get rid of things we don’t need anymore; however, most of the time, we …Read More

    Why you need to “stop keeping up with the Joneses”

    Most of us have heard the phrase keeping up with the Joneses. “The Joneses” represent the social benchmark for social class  – the neighbours who have all the material goods we want!

    While it’s natural to compare yourself to your neighbours, maintaining a …Read More

      Save money the South African way

      July has been designated ‘National Savings Month’ by the Savings Institute of South Africa(SISA), an independent non-profit organisation, especially dedicated to helping South Africans develop a culture of saving.

      As history proves, South Africans are not very good at saving, but we …Read More

        12 Ways you’re wasting money in 2017

        Many South Africans are guilty of being wasteful, impulsive spenders. Even the most budget-conscious may find themselves falling into the trap of spending money mindlessly.

        Are you a wasteful, impulsive spender? Do you ever get to the end of the month and wish …Read More

          5 dangerous debt traps to avoid

          5 Dangerous debt traps to avoid

          Because credit is so easily to get, we’ve become used to the idea of owing money. Putting off the pain of paying for things may seem like a good idea now but, sooner or later, your debt will catch up with you. …Read More

            Avoid costly tax-filing mistakes with these 6 tips

            The South African Revenue Service (SARS) began tax season for individuals on the 1 July 2017. Submitting your tax returns may seem extremely overwhelming, so we’re here to offer guidance and advice to help smooth the process for you and make sure …Read More

              Easy steps on how to make Saving Fun

              3 Easy steps on how to make Saving Fun

              On a daily basis, we are bombarded with messages about the importance of saving, how much we should save and for what we should be saving. Yet, it is something very little of us do and let’s be realistic – saving is …Read More

                Mastering the basics of spending money

                Shopping and spending money is part of our daily lives and cannot be avoided.   We can, however, shop smartly, adhere to the basics of spending and manage our finances wisely.

                Here are 5 basics of spending that we can easily master:

                Avoid …Read More

                  A healthy, hearty and within budget soup recipe

                  A healthy, hearty and within budget soup recipe

                  Winter has definitely arrived, and nothing tastes better than warming up with a nice cup of healthy soup. Soups are certainly a good staple food for the winter.  It’s easy to make, healthy, filling and provides sustained energy for the whole day. …Read More

                    How to make more money

                    With the rising costs of living, we are all focused on cutting our expenses and working smarter with our money. But cutting costs only goes so far.

                    One of the best tactics to improve your financial situation is to earn more money …Read More