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Budget friendly summer meal tips ( & recipe!)

Last month, we shared a list of things that became expensive in 2017.  Foods and drinks were on the list, along with education, health care, funeral services and holidays. We believe that it’s so important to eat healthy meals, which is why …Read More

    Back to school money saving tips

    It’s back to work and then it’s back to school. As with all good things, the holiday must come to an end. Unfortunately, our December paycheck has to stretch over the entire long month of January. During this time, you also need …Read More

      101 Budgeting in 2018

      Was 2017 a financially stressful year for you? If so, you’re not alone. According to Moneyweb, over 70% of middle-class South Africans are experiencing financial stress. Many households have struggled to meet their financial commitments due to not budgeting sufficiently or simply …Read More

        Avoid debt demon this year

        DEEPLY indebted consumers should not sway from their budget by taking on unnecessary debt on goods they don’t need this festive season.

        This was according to Neil Roets, the chief executive of Debt Rescue, who said indebted consumers already owe more than R1.71 …Read More

        Financial tips for “Janu-worry”

        Everybody LOVES December! It’s the time of the year where we reward ourselves for all of our hard work. The only problem is that we seem to pay for the decisions we make in December in January. This means that as soon …Read More

          3 Important tips to avoid debt this holiday

          While the festive season is supposed to be a time of celebration with friends and family, for many it becomes one of the most stressful times of the year. This is mainly due to all the expectations placed on decorating your home, …Read More

            Do I need debt counselling?

            The fact of the matter is that many people in South Africa are drowning in debt. This is because credit has become so accessible and living expenses have increased phenomenally. Usually consumers find themselves becoming more and more comfortable living on credit …Read More