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Opening up a savings account? Read this!

Why should you open up a savings account?

No matter how much money you earn, there are many reasons to save money every month, including:

Buying things you want without going into debt. Most of us love nice things, such as watches, clothes, …Read More

    How women can achieve financial independence

    Today is International Women’s Day. The 8 March is a day where women across the world forget their linguistic, economic, political and cultural differences and come together to celebrate women and their struggle for justice, peace and equality.

    We’d like to offer our …Read More

      Involving kids in family finances

      Raising a child in South Africa may be one of the most expensive things you ever do. In fact, Sydney Sekese, certified financial planner (CFP) and winner of the 2016 Financial Planning Institute’s Media Award, compares it to a second house bond. …Read More

        How to stick to your goals

        Why do most goals fail?

        It’s important to set goals; however, it is even more important to take action to achieve your goals. According to Psychology Today, about 50% of people make New Year’s resolutions every year – most of them being to quit smoking, lose excess weight, exercise more, manage their money more effectively and reduce debt. Most of the time, people fail to stick to their resolutions because, although resolutions are a great way to feel motivated, people aren’t ready to change their bad habits.

        Although sticking to goals is not always easy, we have a few tips that can help you.

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          Good Old South African Milk Tart Recipe

          Did you know, today is National Milk Tart Day in South Africa?

          Milk Tart, also known as melktert, is a classic South African dessert that originated in the latter half of the 17th century by Dutch settlers in South Africa. Thanks to the aromatic cinnamon brought down from Southeast Asia to Cape Town, and the fresh dairy produced on the local farms, the delicious dessert became one of South Africa’s most loved treats!

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            Understanding Your Credit Score

            Unless you’re living off the grid or have no credit account of any sort, you will have a detailed credit report that is registered with the different credit bureaux. When you apply for credit, most companies will require a report from a …Read More

              Library Lovers’ Month – spread the love this February!

              If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.

              – Marcus Tullius Cicero

              Are you sick of hearing everyone talk about Valentine’s Day? Well, this February, we have something else for you to celebrate – it’s Library Lovers’ Month!

              Unfortunately, …Read More

                Easy tuna pasta bake recipe (serves 6!)

                You don’t need to spend a lot of money to provide a healthy dinner for your family. If you need to whip up a quick and affordable meal for dinner tonight, look no further! We have a great energy, omega 3 fatty …Read More