10 Budget Christmas Gifts To Get Started With Now

Did you know there are only 10 weeks left before its Christmas? December is literally right around the corner, leaving you with limited time to plan your budget-friendly Christmas shopping. Remember, overspending during the holidays will cast a shadow over your New Year’s finances. Instead, plan ahead, think creatively and make sure you stay in budget.

Here are 10 budget gift ideas you can get started with early:

1. Buy bulk and make your own pamper gifts

make your own pamper gifts

Those pre-hampered pamper gifts can become really expensive, so why not create your own? Look for bulk deals on loofahs, soaps, bath oils, etc. You can even make your own toiletry bags, bath salts, DIY face masks, scented candles etc.

2. Bake delicious gifts


If you know your way around the kitchen, try baking delicious and beautiful biscuits, candy, cakes, jams or chocolates. Add your treats in jars or tins and decorate them. Baking ingredients can end up costing a lot of money so save by buying bulk and shopping for deals.

3. Put your talents to use


Let your hobbies save you money this Christmas. Whatever you are good at or enjoy doing, whether it is knitting, painting, photography, pottery or making things from wood etc. – your talent can make a great gift. Look for ideas or tutorials on Pinterest. Here is a great link to some fantastic things you can make.

4. Shop second hand


For some members on your shopping list, homemade gifts might not do. So, if there is something specific they have on their wish list, shop for it second hand and cut on the cost.

5. Shop for sales (and don’t forget online shops)


If even second-hand gifts won’t turn your teenager’s frown upside down, try shopping for sales. Make sure they give you options on the wish list so that you have some wiggle room.

6. Create a personalised scrapbook


In our modern, rushed living, time has really become the most expensive gift of all. And if there is one person that knows and understands your financial situation as well as you, it is your other half. That being said, don’t skimp on a present for them. Make your other half a thoughtful gift, like a personalised scrapbook of the year you had and the memories you’ve made.

7. Grow gifts with your green fingers


Buy some seeds and an assortment of cheap pots and grow a mini herb garden. Or recycle old jars and create your own terrarium. The world is your oyster with this idea. Look up some creative ideas on Pinterest and start planting.

8. Frame something beautiful


A great poster, photograph or photo collage could make the perfect gift if framed beautifully. You can also print a photo or image on canvas to make the ideal wall decoration.

9. Make a recipe book


Create a recipe book by adding all your favourite quick, healthy and cost-effective recipes together. Research additional recipes and make sure the book contains around 30 meals. Add to a colourful binder and decorate. This will be a gift all your girlfriends will adore you for.

10. A practical gift that lasts


An great gift to give is one that will be used months and even years after Christmas. Like a puzzle, Suduko book, a fun board game, iTunes voucher etc. You can shop around and get something well in your budget.

If the nearing holidays are giving you nightmares because your finances have already spun drastically out of control, give Debt Rescue a call. One of our expert debt counsellors can help you make sense of your debt again.

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