3 Important tips to avoid debt this holiday

While the festive season is supposed to be a time of celebration with friends and family, for many it becomes one of the most stressful times of the year. This is mainly due to all the expectations placed on decorating your home, buying gifts for others, eating expensive meals and all the other expenses that come along over the holidays. At Debt Rescue, we believe that you shouldn’t be sent over the financial edge and you should especially not have to take out credit to have a special holiday.

Here are our tips for a special, less expensive holiday this year:

#1. Focus on meaningful gifts over pricey gifts

Although everyone enjoys getting expensive gifts, sometimes taking a less material approach to spoiling your friends and family can go a long way. Plan fun, inexpensive excursions and activities with your family over the holiday season, such as a picnic under the stars, a day at the park, baking, making a Christmas bed and creating a family photo album together.  

#2. Don’t fall victim to holiday marketing

Holiday marketing, especially Christmas marketing, seems to start weaving its way onto our TVs, our computers, our mobile phones and billboards earlier and earlier every year. Because we are bombarded with all the advertising, it steers many people into spending money they don’t have on things they don’t need. The marketing industry knows how to do their job very well, almost too well, which is why so many people find themselves starting every new year in more debt.

#3. Compare prices everywhere

Collect store catalogues, research online, ask advice from friends and family and even join buy-and-sell community groups on social media to find the best deals for whatever it is you want to buy. Buying items without doing research may cause you to miss out on great savings.  

Just remember, this time of the year should be about spending quality time with your family and friends, not about stressing over money and gifts. If you are battling to pay off your debt, please contact Debt Rescue.

Become debt free in 2018!

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