3 Money Making Moves that Build Wealth

“You aren’t wealthy until you have something that money can’t buy.”

~ Garth Brooks

Money is not everything. They say that money cannot buy happiness. But, as you may know, the saying goes, “…it sure is better to cry in a Porsche than in a taxi.”

Money affords the experience of life. It is the one tool that allows you the liberty to live life on your terms. Wake up late or early to catch the first flight out to wherever you want to go. If you decide to chase Summer, you can do so, with enough money, of course.

So, what is the answer? How does one become wealthy?

Mindset. And Action.

Are you doubting your ability to become wealthy? Keep reading to find out what 3  fundamental Money Moves will set you on the road toward wealth.

Money Move #1: Get Rid of The Lacking Mindset

There are thousands of books on the subject. Change your mind and you will change your life. Change your thoughts. Do morning and evening affirmations. Draw your future. Put up a vision board. Get into the right frame of mind.

So many different methods to change the mindset, but many people still fall short of wealth. Why? Because you need to paint a different picture entirely.

Do you believe deep inside you that you don’t want to be wealthy? Maybe you believe that you do not deserve to be wealthy. These are limiting beliefs that may have been ingrained into your subconscious mind.

Like taking a dog for training to make it stop behaving badly, you need to do the same for your mind.

You can change anything and everything in your world. If you believe that those boundaries pertain to you, then they will. But why would you want to? If you can wake up every morning and live a better, more wholesome life filled with brilliant dreams come true.

To get rid of the lacking mindset, you need to get real about your current situation. Look at your credit report and understand two things: Where your current financial situation is and where you want it to be.

Once you know these two points, you can realistically look at what is needed to connect them. Then do one thing every day that will get you closer to your goal. Even if this means that you need to cut down on debt repayments with debt review. Or if you need to slow down on the luxuries and gifts for everyone around you. This brings us to our second Money Move.

Money Move #2: Stop Fixing the World Outside

Fix your inner world first. It sounds selfish not to help everyone, but by helping, you are sometimes destroying their ability to live successful lives.

You do not need to feel guilty. We all have the opportunity to work hard and climb the ladder. And unfortunately for some, it may take longer. However, the more you try to fix the world outside, the less you will be working on yourself and your journey. And that could mean not reaching the goals that you have set for yourself.

Money Move #3: Learn Everything

Studying further is costly in South Africa and not an option for many people.

However, the internet is filled with free training in any subject that you can think of. Besides YouTube, which is fantastic for learning, Domestika is a platform that provides certified courses, projects, and great lessons in upskilling yourself in any creative direction.

Learn as much as you can to bring you closer to the direction of your wealth. Over and above that, learn everything you can about money. It is, after all, the tool that you need to achieve the wealth that you are after.

People who only wish to be wealthy, tend to be so because they know so little about acquiring wealth and how money works. By understanding the ins and outs of finances, you empower yourself more and more. This is why we created the Money Moves with Debt Rescue YouTube Channel as well as our monthly Money Moves Digimagto empower you financially.

It isn’t easy becoming wealthy. However, with the willpower to keep on the road to achieving your goal and the understanding that you deserve whatever you put your mind to, nothing can stop you. Remember to download your free credit report and get planning to reach those wealth goals.

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