3 Reasons To Say “Carpe Diem!” To Blue Monday

Monday is generally considered to be the most depressing day of the week. And with January marking the end of the summer holidays and the return to reality, it is understandable that January could feel like one long Monday too. Did you know that today has been singled out as the bluest of them all? But don’t worry; we’re putting a positive spin on it.

The “Science”
According to research done in Britain, the third Monday of January is Blue Monday, and the calculation for this annual occurrence, as per psychologist Dr. Cliff Arnall, is as follows:


The W refers to weather, D for debt, d for monthly salary, T for time passed since Christmas, Q for failure of an attempt to give something up, M for low motivation, and Na for the need to take action.

Is there any truth behind it?
Luckily, Blue Monday gains its origin from a clever PR campaign launched by a British holiday company in an attempt to boost holiday bookings, rather than actual science. We are also not in the northern hemisphere, making the weather aspect less applicable to us too.

On the other hand, the drought, 2016’s poor economic outlook, and it still being two weeks’ until payday – could make it appear as if Dr. Arnall had a point.

Ultimately, Blue Monday is only in the mind. By focusing less on the negative, and more on the opportunities at hand, it is possible to turn your life around, today.

3 Reasons To Be Optimistic Today

1. A fresh start
A New Year is a mental break from the previous, allowing you to look forward to positive change and actively pursuing it. You, and only you can break the old, bad habits in your life, and that is why you, and only you have control over how today, and tomorrow for that matter plays out. Will Blue Monday break you, or will it become the day you get a new, fresh outlook on life?

2. You have two weeks until February
The plus side to having two week’s until payday is that you have time to get your budget and saving plans in place so that you can start February more responsibly. You also have this time to start implementing the New Year’s Resolutions you haven’t gotten to so far. In other words you have 14 days of opportunity to take the fresh start January gives you and make the most of it.

3. Let us take the worry out of your (D-d) calculations
If 2016 is particularly depressing because your monthly debt instalments minus your monthly salary calculations are delivering shocking results, contact Debt Rescue immediately. Our debt counsellors know how difficult it is to have a positive outlook on life when troubled by debt. That is why we want to help you pay what you can afford, and take the pressure off you.

Here’s to saying “Carpe Diem” and turning Blue Monday on its head!

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