4 apps available to track your spending

We all know that money management is crucial to your financial well-being.  This includes budgets, financial goals, saving, tracking your spending, etc.  For some people this comes naturally, for some, it takes serious effort and self-discipline.

Thanks to technology, keeping track of your money is much easier. Here are a few apps* you can use to make life easier and take control of your finances:


SpendingThe name is slightly deceiving, it not only helps to keep track of your spending but it is also perfect for budget purposes.

  • You enter both your income and expenses
  • Various categories are also available
  • You can decide if you want to track your balance on a weekly or a monthly basis
  • It even reminds you to enter transactions (you choose on the frequency and time of reminders)
  • You can keep track of different accounts (i.e. your day-to-day account and a savings account)
  • Gives reports and graphs of your overall cash flow, you spending per category, etc
  • Can back-up and sync with your Dropbox account
  • This app is free, or a Pro-version is available for a small fee.


22sevenShow your money who’s boss.  22seven helps you manage your money more easily and invest it more smartly.  

  • See all your money in one place.  You can link your various banking accounts to the app
  • Keep track of your spending; how much do you spend and on what. Your transactions are categorised.
  • You can set your budget, or it can automatically set a personalised budget for you
  • Know the status of your cash flow at any given time
  • Get an accurate picture of your net value
  • Your tax returns are made easy, all your income and expenses are categorised and exportable
  • Invest your money at the flick of a finger
  • This app is free from Old Mutual and currently works with accounts from South African banks and financial institutions.

3.Good Budget

Good BudgetThis is a personal finance app for budget planning and money management. It is based on the cash envelope budgeting method but with virtual envelopes.  

  • The advantage of this app is that it can sync across multiple phones thus perfect for sharing a budget with a spouse or family member
  • Checks your envelope balances while you’re on the go
  • Transactions are recorded as it happens or scheduled in advance
  • See upcoming transactions and record of pending transactions
  • Income vs. spending reports in cool looking pie charts
  • This app is free of charge for the basic version with a few in-app purchase for a more integrated option


SplitwiseThis app assists with tracking of expenses where other parties are involved. You can use splitwise to share bills and IOUs.

  • Keep track of household bills with roommates, group holidays, expenses paid on your behalf, or you paid on someone’s behalf
  • You can split with individual accounts and created groups
  • All transactions are listed, and push notifications are available
  • Everyone can log in, add new expenses, see their balances and settle-up instantly.

If you’ve left your money management for too late and feel overwhelmed with your debt, please give Debt Rescue a call.

* The featured apps are mere recommendations and not part of Debt Rescue services

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