4 Healthy decisions that will save you money

Do you make healthy lifestyle choices? How well do you care for yourself and your family? Unhealthy decisions can really take a toll on your finances, now and in the long run.

So, if you’d like to kill two birds with one stone – get physically healthy and save money – here are 4 health decisions you should make:

Cut down your alcohol consumption

According to The South African Department of Health, the guidelines in terms of sensible drinking is three standard drinks a day for men and two standard drinks a day for women. A standard drink is either a 340 ml beer, single tot of spirits or a glass of wine.

Buying alcohol is very costly, especially at bars and restaurants. But besides the price of alcohol, drinking can also put a lot of strain on your budget due to short- and long-term health issues, such as anemia, cancer, gout, high blood pressure, nerve damage, cirrhosis, cardiovascular disease, weight gain and weight loss.

Say “no” to cigarettes

Statistics South Africa stated that 7% of women and 36% of men smoke.  Just earlier this year, tobacco products excise duty rate increased, burning an even deeper hole into smokers’ pockets. Smokers are literally setting their money alight and ruining their health at the same time.

Smoking increases your risk of many health conditions and illnesses, such as asthma, strokes, heart attacks, heart disease, cancer, weight gain, weight loss, eating disorders, insomnia, diabetes – the list goes on… These issues result in more trips to the doctor and the increased need for medical care. Also, the more you go see the doctor, the more prescribed medicine you’re going to have to ring up at the till.

Watch your weight

The South African government proposed sugar tax on all sugar-sweetened beverages sold in the country. The tax is especially aimed at reducing obesity, which has become a major issue in South Africa. Consumers consume too much sugar; unfortunately, sugar is not the only thing that causes obesity and sugar taxes alone won’t prevent the overconsumption of junk food, inactivity, stress and insufficient sleep.

Obesity increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, gout, breathing problems, osteoarthritis, blindness, kidney failure, cancer and, most of all, diabetes. More than 100 000 South Africans in the public sector are expected to fall victim to diabetes in 2017, and treating this illness is only becoming more and more expensive.

Although a slow metabolism or illness can cause obesity, a lot of the time, people are obese due to an unhealthy diet and the lack of efficient exercise.

Cutting down on extra junk food can save you money. Make sure you aren’t buying foods that appear to be health foods, which are usually very costly, but are packed with weight contributing ingredients like sugars, salts and preservatives instead.

Check in with your doctor

Due to our busy lifestyles and tight budgets, we often neglect visiting the doctor for health check-ups. Preventative care is vital to staying healthy and can also save you money in the long run.

Lack in preventive care can lead to chronic health conditions, which can be avoided if issues are detected early on. Many of these conditions become a huge financial burden. Check in with your doctor for a simple health check-up. It can include tests and screenings for cholesterol, high blood pressure, BMI and more.

Become financially healthy. If you’re battling to take control of your finances, contact Debt Rescue for help today.

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