4 Simple ways to spring clean your finances

While it’s natural to get into spring cleaning your house in September, we’d like to encourage you to spring clean something way more important: your budget. It’s necessary to evaluate and adjust your budget to ensure you’re not overspending or failing to secure your financial future.

So, now’s the perfect time to clear up all the dust and cobwebs that have collected over the year and begin on a clean slate.

Organise your financial paperwork

Keep on top of all your bills, receipts and important documents to simplify your finances and, in turn, reduce stress. This will enable you to streamline your paperwork process and get rid of unnecessary slips, documents and files that you don’t need anymore. Start by putting important papers and slips into the right folders and throwing away anything else you don’t need.

Clean up unnecessary expenses

You could be paying for services and items that you don’t need. Go through your bank records to see what you’re paying for. You may have credit cards or monthly subscriptions you don’t need anymore, or you may find that you’re spending too much money on data for your phone. Make sure you get rid of all these little expenses that add up.

Chuck out bad spending habits

Using credit cards to make purchases, buying more groceries than you need or not putting aside money for savings as soon as you get paid are a few examples of bad habits that you need to break now! Be mindful when you spend any money as spontaneous spending can lead to financial disaster.

Create brand new financial goals

Once you have a clear idea of what you current financial situation is, set yourself new financial goals, including saving, spending, paying off debt and generating money goals. If you are battling to get on top of your finances, contact Debt Rescue. We will help you achieve your financial goals. Keep in mind, when you don’t have debt, your money can do what you want it to.

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