4 Winter hobbies that could make you extra money

Winter can be tough. It’s cold, it’s bleak, and it can be expensive too! Keeping the heater going and buying new warm clothes and jackets for the kids can take a toll on anyone’s budget. If you were wondering where the extra money to get you through the season was going to come from, read on. We have a few ideas that will help you make some extra cash from your hobbies.

  1. TeachOne of the easiest ways to make money is to share your knowledge with others. You will be surprised at how many people would love to learn a new skill, and what they are willing to pay to do so. From music and maths to knitting, cooking, and even how computers work, there is no end to what you can teach. Choose a subject you are comfortable with, work out a lesson plan, set your rates, and spread the word.
  2. Double up
    Think about things you have to do anyway and how you can monetise that. If you go for a jog every day get a few dogs to run with you. If you enjoy cooking for your family, find another family or two to cook for as well. With people often feeling lethargic during winter, you are more than likely to find a couple of odd jobs they will be happy to hand over to you.
  3. Make something
    Handmade items are always a hit. Knit scarves in the local school’s colours and promote them through the school’s newsletter, make fleece ponchos to sell at outdoor sporting events, or make pretty microwaveable bean bags. Pinterest is full of easy and fun craft projects that sell – perfect to make during the long and dark winter days!
  4. Flip it!
    Garage sales, secondhand stores, and flea markets are full of items that can be transformed with a little ingenuity and a lick of paint. If you enjoy watching home improvement shows you probably have a good idea of how to upcycle furniture and other items. Why not put your knowledge to use? Start small to build your confidence. Who knows? You could even end up starting a full-time business!




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