5 Frugal Father’s Day gift ideas

Just as the glow of finding Mom the perfect Mother’s Day gift is starting to fade, it’s time to get creative again – this time for Dad! Luckily there are ways to make him feel special without breaking the bank. Here are a few fun Father’s Day gift ideas that your dad will love.

  • Dad’s Day
    The greatest gift you can give any adult is time. Why not schedule a “Dad’s Day” for dad to go and do whatever he likes – whether it’s fishing, going to three movies back-to-back, or simply snoozing in the hammock. Your dad will thank you!
  • The Dad Spa
    Dads also like a bit of pampering from time to time. Set up a “spa” around his favourite chair, put on his favourite sport or movie, and treat him to a head massage with neck and shoulder rub. You can also give your dad a mani-pedi with accompanying hand and foot massages – just make sure you pick out a cream that doesn’t leave him smelling too florally!
  • Club together
    It is always a good idea to get your siblings together to buy a gift for dad. Pooling your money together means that you will be able to buy something nicer, and it could even cost each of you less than if you were to buy gifts individually.
  • Get crafty
    Embrace your inner Pinterester and give dad something home made. Even if it doesn’t come out exactly like the picture, Dad will still love the time and effort you put into creating something special. Add a memory of you and your dad to your gift to make it extra special.
  • Be a little sentimental
    When all is said and done, Father’s Day isn’t about seeing who can buy Dad the flashiest gift or the coolest gadget. It’s about thanking your dad for being there for you when you need him most. Hand write a letter to your dad and tell him how he has made your life better. He is sure to treasure this gift for years to come.

Whatever gift you end up choosing for your dad, just make sure you let him know that he is special to you.

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