6 Cheap & Easy Fruits and Vegetables to Plant this Winter in South Africa

Winter is here and so is the perfect time to plant some delicious and healthy fruit and vegetables. The more self-sufficient you can become, the better you will be able to manage your finances. This season we have decided to include 2 fruit trees and 4 different vegetables. If you’re worried about space, remember that fruit trees can be grown in pots and pruned while still producing delicious fruit.

Planting and Growing Apples

Apple trees can be grown from the seeds from bought apples. Although buying heirloom seeds will provide better, healthier trees, it is not necessary. Planting apple seeds in Winter allows the plant to experience longer periods of cold. The most preferable temperatures are below 7°C. The most ideal place to grow apples in South Africa is in the Western Cape. In fact, much of our apple produce comes from this area.

Apples enjoy well drained soil. The pH is around 6.5. If you are planting the apples in the garden, then make sure that you plant your tree in a sunny but sheltered place. Apples love water, make sure that your apples are well watered when the weather is dry. Remember that pruning your apple trees must be done with great care, watch the video below to learn more.


Planting and Growing Pears

Now is the perfect time to plant pears. You should only see the first signs of them in Spring though. Planting them in Winter while the seeds are dormant will allow them to nestle in and develop their root strength. Just like apples, pears can be grown in pots, pruned to keep them to size and produce delicious fruit.

There are 3 types of European pears, perry, dessert and culinary. Dessert pears are your better option to be able to eat raw as well as cook for various dishes. Pears are highly nutritious, good for your gut and excellent for losing weight the healthy way.

Watch the video below to see how to care for your pear trees.


Planting and Caring for Onions

Growing onions indoors can be done using a variety of methods. A simple example includes cutting holes in a washed 2L coca cola bottle and filling it up with soil, planting your seeds and harvesting as needed.

You can also simply grow your onions in a pot in the house. If you are growing onions from old onions, remember that just like carrots you need to wait one season for the plant to produce flowers and then seeds. If you do not want to wait, visit your local nursery and buy onion seeds. While you can plant and grow onions all year round, planting them in Winter is said to grow bigger and better produce.

Onions need about 90 days to fully mature from seed. Make sure that the soil can be drained well and do not overwater the seeds. Allow them the rest of the Winter period to be able to mature. Watch the video below to see more tips on growing onions indoors.


Planting and Caring for Snap Peas

Snap peas are high in vitamin K and are excellent for your bone health. Planting and growing peas is extremely easy. Once planted in fresh soil, place your container in a mildly sunny area in the house. Having soft wire handy when they start to grow will help to keep them upright.

Watch the video below for an exact process from seed to table.

Planting and Caring for Cauliflower

Winter is the best time to plant and grow your cauliflower. They love colder temperatures. If growing indoors, they should be kept in a cooler place in the house. Buy your seeds from a reputable nursery, plant them and wait for approximately a week to see the first germinated seeds. Cauliflower loves lots of moisture but ensure that the soil is able to drain well.

Watch the video below to get more great tips on how to get your cauliflower growing.

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