7 Cheap Christmas decoration ideas

Sometimes, we find ourselves with enough joy and excitement to decorate the entire world with Christmas decorations, but just not enough money. If you’re wanting to a few cheap and exciting ways to decorate your home with your kids this festive season, read our decor tips below:

#1 Decorate pinecones

Pinecones are cheap and easy to decorate. You can spray them with gold or silver spray paint or decorate them with glue, glitter and ribbon. These sparkling decor items can be placed in a bowl on the table or hung on your Christmas tree.


#2 Make your own bow wreathMake your own bow wreath

Pin ribbon onto a round piece of styrofoam. It is easy and very cheap to make if you buy ribbon in bulk. Plus, you can make it very colourful!



Use ribbon everywhere#3 Use ribbon everywhere

Buy a lot of red, green and white ribbon and use it to decorate your home. You can wrap bows around your balustrades, guests’ towels and dining or outdoor chairs. You can even tie small pieces of ribbon around your table cutlery.


#4 Use Christmas cards as decor

Hang up your Christmas cards on a string across your main room. This adds so much fun to your Christmas decor. You can also stick them on the wall or fridge or hang them on your Christmas tree.


make paper chains

#5 Get your kids to make paper chains

These are fun and easy to make. All you need is wrapping paper, scissors and glue. Get your kids to cut strips of festive paper and glue a loop and sting in a loop onto the first loop, then keep looping more stips until they’ve made a long colourful chain to hang up.


#6 Print photos for decoration

You can print simple black and white photos on normal paper and hang them up on your Christmas tree. Punch holes onto the top of the photos and then attach pieces of ribbon to them. If your kids want to they can even add some glitter or stickers to the black and white photos to make them look even more festive.


#7 Make floating candles

By using a few glasses, teacup candles and food colourant, you can make beautiful, colourful floating candle holders. Just pour water and food colourant into the glasses and add a candle into each – and voila!

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