7 Good Reasons To Get The Financial Help You Need

If the do-it-yourself tactics you’ve tried to get yourself out of your debt have failed, perhaps it is time to get professional financial help through debt counselling? It might feel like a drastic step, however if your debt is currently absorbing most of your cash flow, the benefits you will gain from it will outweigh all your fears.

Reasons why debt counselling can change your life for the better:

  1. It forces you to put your finances in the spotlight
    Once debt has really spiralled out of control it is often easier to ignore the total chaos of your finances than it is to accept it. When you apply for debt counselling it requires you to dig deep and really come to terms with the state of your debt.
  1. It forces you to take action
    Even if you know exactly how much you owe, it isn’t always so easy to compile a practical plan, or even follow it. Debt counselling becomes a legal matter that forces you to buckle down and do what has to be done.
  1. It gives you peace of mind
    With a restructured repayment plan in place you don’t have to roll around in bed anymore or calculate and recalculate your finances to the point of insanity. You can follow the plan knowing you are working towards financial freedom.
  1. It gives you immediate relief from your monthly debt instalments
    Once you are found over-indebted your debt counsellor will inform your credit providers that you are under debt review. This means you will pay a single consolidated provisional amount until the legal aspects are complete. This means immediate relief for you and your family.
  1. It allows you to share your burden
    When debt is keeping you up at night it is easy to feel you are alone. However, once you reach out for financial help through debt counselling, your burden is shared. Debt counsellors will help you restructure your repayments and correspond with credit providers on your behalf. A specialist attorney will act on your behalf too.
  1. It leaves you with enough money for all your living expenses
    No matter how much you try and save, cut costs and stretch your rand, if you are over-indebted you are left with too little funds to make ends meet. Once your restructured repayment plan becomes a court order you will have enough money left to cover your living expenses.
  1. It allows you to dream about your future again
    While in a pool of debt it is difficult to dream about sending your kids to college or owning your own home. However, by sticking to your restructured repayment plan there is hope for a brighter future: one free of debt.

At Debt Rescue our debt counselling process is simple and straightforward. Contact us today and get the help you need.

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