8 Tips on preparing your home for winter

Winter has arrived, and we are all taking out the extra blankets, scarfs and warm jackets. No matter how you plan to spend this winter, here are a few tips on how to prepare your home for the warmest winter yet and keep the budget in tact.  

1. Replace light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs

In winter we do use lights more often and for longer periods.  This will affect your electricity bill negatively so ensure you use energy-saving bulbs.
The transition to energy-saving bulbs can be a costly exercise so make these changes gradually by starting with the busiest rooms in the house first.

2. Use timers for your heaters

Heaters are often used to warm up the house, but we either forget to switch it on in time so the room can be nice and warm or we forget to switch it off. Apart from the safety concern, your electricity bill is also increasing at an alarming rate.  Be smart and put the heaters on a timer to switch on and off according to your needs. For example, the living area heater can be set to switch on before you get home and switch off around bedtime. Your room’s heater can switch on around bedtime and switch off about an hour before you leave in the morning.  

Also, make sure you use the most energy efficient heaters available.

3. Keep the heat inside

Make sure you keep all the heat inside the house.

  • Check for drafts around doors closing from the outside.  You can close it up with a draft stopper, or a rolled up towel will help as well.
  • Keep the doors closed for any rooms you don’t use in the house.
  • A lot of heat is lost through windows.  Ensure to draw your curtains at sunset.
  • Cover bare floors with rugs.  They assist with the warmth and is beautiful as well.
  • If you don’t use your fireplace, cover up the front.

4. Buy firewood and gas in advance

Demand for both wood and gas is higher during the winter period. The prices are usually more expensive, and you stand the chance of not being able to get any stock when you need it. Start collecting firewood before winter and make sure your gas bottles are full and you have one spare before the winter starts.

5. Protect your pipes

With the drastic drop in temperatures, your water pipes can freeze and increase the risk of bursting. Protect them as much as possible with insulation covers.

6. Cover your pool

Invest in a good cover for your pool.  This limits water loss and requires less time for the pump to run.

7. Adjust your garden sprinklers

Your garden needs less water during the winter so remember to set the timer for fewer days per week.  Don’t set the sprinklers for early morning and late evenings – you are causing more harm to your plants as the water can freeze.

8. Replace old/broken appliances

Replacing old appliances with new energy star models can be an expensive exercise, but the return on investment justifies the initial layout.

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