8 Tips To Survive The Holidays Financially

Even if you stay at home, the holidays can be expensive. There are kids to be entertained, presents to be bought, socialising to be done, to name but a few. The last thing you want to do is to get yourself into, or further into debt, but you also need to have a good time. Here is a recap of the advice we have been sharing on social media over the past eight weeks on how to do just that.

#Tip 1: Make a holiday budget plan


The first step is to calculate how much you have to spend over the holidays. Now calculate a daily budget and plan things to do according to it.

#Tip 2: Shop early & shop for sales


Take advantage of festive specials and buy gifts, food, entertainment etc. ahead of time. If you’ve missed out on these specials, don’t despair, after the 25th of December there will be an influx of new promotions. Remember to check online stores for sales too.

#Tip 3: DIY Gifts & projects


Make your own gifts. Do-it-yourself-projects are also a fun way to entertain the kids at home and cut costs. Turn an area into a hobbies section, used recycled paper, plastics, glass, etc., and let the creative juices flow.

#Tip 4: Pack daypacks


On excursions to the park or the beach, be sure to pack daypacks for the family. You will be amazed at how much you can save by not buying sodas, snacks or even lunches from vendors. Remember to include a toy for each child too!

#Tip 5: Use discount coupons & rewards


Are you using all the rewards and discount coupons to your disposal? Store all your discount coupons and shop more cost-effectively.

#Tip 6: Do Secret Santa


You don’t have to buy for everyone in your family or your circle of friends. It will cost you a fortune. Rather suggest Secret Santa and only buy for the names you drew from the hat. Set a budget limit for the presents.

#Tip 7: Make the most of free activities


There are plenty of fun activities in your area that doesn’t cost anything. Browse the internet to locate a few and make the most of them.

#Tip 8: Feast together & share the cost


Food and beverages can cost an arm and a leg just to satisfy your own household’s needs, let alone that of guests. Don’t put yourself out, rather get everyone involved and ask your guests to bring their own beverages and perhaps a salad or dish of their choice.

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