8 Unexpected costs of having a baby

For such tiny humans, babies are money munchers. Before you have a baby, you will hear a lot of people say that babies cost a small fortune. They’re not lying! First-time parents face so many expenses, most of which they’re not prepared for. Here’re a few costs of having a baby many new parents aren’t prepared for:


Are you a savvy shopper? Well, once your new baby comes along, you may lose the power to get the best prices. When you’re sleep deprived and trying to take care of a helpless, crying baby, you may find yourself buying stuff at the most convenient places, such as your nearest garage, but not at the most convenient prices.


Keeping your baby warm enough in winter and cool enough in summer comes at a high price. Parents usually don’t spend too much money regulating their home temperatures before a baby comes along as adults aren’t as sensitive as babies are to the heat and cold. Heaters and aircons eat up electricity; however, to keep your baby healthy and comfortable, it’s worth the extra cost.


Unfortunately, babies can be fussy. Not only are bottles expensive but you may have to buy a few different brands before you find the one your baby will drink from.

Nursing supplies

Although breastfeeding may be natures free baby food, the supplies that you need to buy for it are quite expensive. The cost of nursing pads, pumps, express bottles, storage bags, etc. adds up. It is, however, cheaper than formula in the long run.


While many parents often expect childcare to be expensive, they often don’t realise that, with most daycare centres in South Africa, the younger the baby is, the more expensive daycare is.

Medical aid

Your baby may have the tiniest body but he/she is still a person who needs medical cover. Once your baby comes along, you should add him as a dependant on your medical aid. This is another huge monthly expense.

Maternity clothes

While it’s important to buy clothes that fit you properly, you may find that maternity clothes are expensive and never on sale. This is frustrating as you only need maternity clothes for such a short time.

In hospital costs

Even if you have medical aid, you may still end up leaving the hospital owing money, whether it is for the paediatrician visiting your baby while you’re still in hospital or blood tests taken to make sure you and your baby are healthy. Hospital bills can accumulate left, right and centre.

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