Affordable ways to keep your home cool this summer

If you think this summer is already heating up, it’s only going to get hotter! With the South African sun not shying away for the next few months, you’re going to have to find ways to keep yourself cool this summer. We have provided affordable ways to survive this summer:

Free: Cool your body before you cool your house

If you cool down your body, you will have an easier time feeling comfortable in your home. You can do so by drinking cold water, putting a cool, wet cloth on your neck and wearing cool and loose clothing.

Free: Close doors of all unused rooms

If you’re going to try to keep the rooms you’re using in your house cool, make sure you close most the doors of your unused rooms during the hottest times of the day, especially if they seem to heat up during the day. You can open them up at night if they help create a breeze through your house.

Free: Close your blinds and curtains

Keep the beating sun out of your home by closing your blinds and windows. About 30% of heat comes through your windows. If you don’t have thick enough curtains that keep out the heat, consider investing in some as this can reduce heat by up to 33%, which will save you money on energy bills in the long run.

Cheap: Make a homemade air conditioner

Instead of spending thousands on an A.C., you can make your very own one. Place a bowl with some ice in front of a fan, angling it so that the breeze hits the bowl – enjoy a lovely cold breeze!

Cheap: Enjoy more outdoor braais

In summer, your stove can contribute to making your home ridiculously hot. Rather opt for enjoying an outdoor braai with your family! Obviously, it’s not practical to braai every single night; however, you can enjoy a couple of braais a week. There are many low-cost and easy to braai foods you can buy.

Free: Don’t cut down any of your trees

The more trees you have around your home, the more protection you have from the vicious sun. So, don’t cut any big, leafy trees down and, if you can, plant some trees around your garden – it will be worth it in the long run!

How do you keep cool during summer? Share your tips with us!

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