Back to school money saving tips

It’s back to work and then it’s back to school. As with all good things, the holiday must come to an end. Unfortunately, our December paycheck has to stretch over the entire long month of January. During this time, you also need to find enough money to cover the costs of new school clothes, gear and supplies for your kids.

If you’re worried about finding enough money to get your kids kitted up for school, take a look at our back-to-school money saving tips below:

#1. See what you can use from the year before

Go through all your kids’ clothing, stationery and other back-to-school items to see if any of it is still usable for the new school year. You can even look around the house to see if you have any items, such as stationery, lying around that they can use. This will shorten the back-to-school list.

#2. Stick to the basic list

Teachers send out a list of all the supplies the kids will need for the new school year. Stick to what is on the list and avoid buying unnecessary extra items.

#3. Don’t follow all the latest trends

Stores know how to market certain back-to-school items so that every kid wants them! However, these “trendier” items are usually way overpriced and very unnecessary. Make sure you don’t waste money on the latest items, such as branded lunch boxes, bags and stationery.

#4. Price stationery at your local supermarket

You may find great deals and specials on stationery items at your local supermarket. And, you can get all your grocery shopping done at the same time!

#5. Make the most of all the January sales

Some stores cater for all the tight January budgets. Fish around for summer deals to save money on all the back-to-school items your need.

#6. Plan your kids’ lunches

No more expensive last minute lunches! It’s time to plan healthy, affordable lunches for your kids. Make sure you buy all the items you need to make your kids’ lunches at the beginning of the week. This will save you time and money in the long run. Read our smart affordable lunch box tips.

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