Back To School Shopping Saving Tips

It’s back to school for South African children, and school supplies unfortunately don’t come cheap. With the December holiday spending still haunting many a household, back to school shopping could be the ultimate nightmare. Try these saving tips to make the most of your school-shopping budget.

1.Recycle what’s left of last year’s items

Before you shop for anything new, first see what can be salvaged from last year’s stationary, materials and clothing. There is no reason to buy new backpacks, rulers, staplers, pens, crayons etc. if the old ones are still in perfect working order. The same goes for clothing.

2. Compare prices

Research prices at various shops online before you head out. If it means you’ll have to shop at five different stores to get the best prices – do it! By planning and researching before you leave the house you’ll be more organised and effective in your shopping.

3. Buy second-hand clothing

Before shopping for new clothes, try the second-hand route. Schools often sell second-hand items that still look great for a fraction of the price. Family and friends whose kids attend the same school as yours may also have items their children have outgrown. Ask around before you buy new.

4. Stick to the list

If your child’s teacher provided a list of items required, stick to it. It is usually an intensive list to begin with and going off-course with additional items you think could come in handy might be an unnecessary expense.

5. Buy bulk

Some stationary items work out cheaper when you buy in bulk. It is a good idea to stock up on pens, pencils, highlighters, glue etc. if they come at a good price. You can either keep bulk items for later or share with a friend to split the costs.

6. Limit the trendy/branded goods

Your kids might like all of their school goodies branded with the latest animation hit – but be careful, trendy items are far more expensive! Stick to one or two trendy items while keeping the rest generic.

7. Use coupons

Visit various shops’ websites or apps and look for coupons you can use on stationary etc. You can also browse your bank’s app for discount coupons at various shops.

Back to school shopping is an unavoidable expense. It can potentially put even more strain on an already pressurised budget. With careful planning for the months ahead you can gain back control of your money steadily. If your finances are beyond the point of return due to the state of your debt, give Debt Rescue a call. We are here for you!

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