Free Downloadable Weekly Lunchbox Planner the Kids Will Love

Parents don’t really feel the new year quite like when back to school starts. The first day back to school can be chaotic in many homes. Getting the kids dressed, breakfast, finding lost shoes, and of course making lunch boxes. Some parents organise lunches and uniforms the night before to avoid the morning rush. Other parents can’t help but stumble through the morning madness. 

No matter which parent category you fall into or how many children you pack lunch for in the morning, we have you covered. 

Below are 5 great and easy lunchbox ideas for school. Mix and match as you need to. At the bottom of this page are two free downloads for you to print out and stick on your fridge. The first is the lunch menu and the second is a shopping list to help you to plan your mornings even better. 

These lunch boxes will cost you around R400 for the month. There’s nothing better than keeping the kids and your wallet happy at the same time.  

If you have great ideas for lunchboxes, please share them and tag us on Instagram @debtrescuesa

Monday Lunch Box:

Peanut Butter and Syrup Squares with a side of raw carrot sticks

Not all children enjoy peanut butter alone, but with syrup, the experience is a whole lot better. 

What’s great about these simple sandwiches is you don’t need to add margarine or butter. To make it even healthier, chop up some raw carrots into sticks and add your kids’ lunch. 

P.s a hummus dip on the side can be a healthy extra.

Tuesday Lunch Box:

Mini savoury crackers and cheese squares with a side of apple slices

There are many options to choose from when buying savoury crackers. Find a brand that your kid likes and accompany it with a few slices of apple and cheese squares for a simple and healthy lunch box.

Add a drop of lemon juice onto your apple slices to prevent them from browning. Warning, use with caution. 😉

Wednesday Lunch Box:

Chicken mayo toasties

If you made chicken the night before, always keep some aside. Leftover chicken, and other meats, make fantastic sandwiches or toasties.

Cut the leftovers up and add some mayonnaise for yummy toasties. Again, you don’t need to add margarine or butter as the mayonnaise is rich enough. These sandwiches are really filling, and kids love them. 

Thursday Lunch Box: 

Mini quiche with tomato and spinach

These mini quiches are amazing for kids. Filled with nutrients and proteins, this lunch is a perfect mind and energy booster. If they love eggs, they will love these mini quiches. You can also get creative with the ingredients and get away with hiding all sorts of goodness inside. 

Mix flour, egg and milk in a bowl then pour into a muffin tray alongside other tasty ingredients and bake. Get creative with things such as cheese, tomato and spinach. 

Friday Lunch Box:

Cheese, lettuce and cucumber sandwich squares with a small yoghurt

This lunch is simple and healthy, but kids really love it. The lettuce should be crunchy and dry before placing it on the bread. If you watched our latest consumer pocket, brown bread is cheaper this month, so opt for that to make it easier on your finances. Add a small yoghurt and this Friday lunch is healthy and budget friendly.

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