Beat the winter blues

If you find yourself craving carbs, needing more than one cup of coffee to get out of bed in the morning and sleeping all the time, you might have a case of “the winter blues”. While the exact cause of the winter blues aren’t clear, we are sure that the recent petrol hike has done nothing to help lift the spirits! If you are feeling dragged down, here are a few strategies to make you feel better:

Set up a budget

The best way to curb financial blues is to stay in control of your earning and spending. Sticking to a strict budget might seem like a lot of work, but seeing the results at the end of the month is more than worth it! There are a lot of ways to budget, including the super simple yet super effective envelope method. Just work out how much you have to spend on groceries, entertainment, and other “non-fixed” expenses, draw the money and pop it into envelopes. Using cash lets you avoid dipping into credit and can give you a better view of what you spend where.

Seek out sunshine

Most parts of South Africa have some bright winter days, making it easy to take in a bit of sunshine during your lunch break. Most studies show that sunlight can improve your mood. According to research, only 30 minutes a day can make you feel much more positive and happy.

Get moving

Dragging yourself off the couch and out of the house when it’s cold outside can be super tough, but it’s also worth it. Exercise boosts your feel-good chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and endorphins. Even a 15-minute walk with the dog is enough to get the juices flowing. If it’s really miserable outside you can do a bit of yoga or dance along to your favourite songs – every bit helps.

Eat well

Don’t give in to the cravings! That slab of chocolate or piece of cake might lift your mood for a moment, but it can make you feel worse in the long run. A healthy state of mind is linked to a healthy diet, so eat lots of fruit and veggies, good fats and proteins, and healthy carbs.

Plan something

Having something to look forward to is a simple trick to increase your overall happiness. It doesn’t need to be a huge event like a wedding or a trip to Disney World, either. A visit with friends, baking a cake with the kids on Friday, or watching your favourite show are all perfectly good things to look forward to. Anticipating something good can help you get out of the slump and power through your day.

If these tips aren’t enough to lift your financial blues, you might be in deeper trouble than you think.
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