The benefits of online shopping

Most of us take online shopping for granted, but yet e-commerce in South Africa still has a far way to go.  Apart from the obvious restrictions with regards to internet access and the cost of data in our country, the biggest limitations are still our strong mall culture and the lack of trust in making an online transaction.

In a previous article, we showed you the steps you can take to a safe and pleasurable online shopping experience.  Today we are discussing the advantages of online shopping and how you can become part of the 22% of regular online shoppers in South Africa. E-commerce is booming in South Africa with about 30% growth year-on-year.

1. Convenience
With the daily conundrum of so much to do and so little time, on top of anyone’s wish list is convenience and this is the best selling point for online shopping.  As long as you have access to the internet, you can shop until you drop. This benefit, of course, enables you to work smarter with your time, and save your energy as you have no hassle with traffic, parking and the crowds.

The physical aspect of shopping is avoided, you don’t have to struggle through the crowds and the narrow aisles of shops with a cumbersome and usually dilapidated trolley. Mothers especially will agree as shopping with any age children are no easy task.

2. Better savings
With online shopping, there are various ways to save in both the short and long term.

  • Online deals and promotions are done almost daily and especially holiday themed specials. The majority online shopping sites provide discounts for loyal customers.  
  • Major online retailers can offer great discounts due to the quantity of stock they purchase.  These savings are especially beneficial to you on daily household items.
  • You can shop around for a better price and usually, it includes delivery – which is handy for large appliances.  
  • You can do better research on the product you require and ensure the item you are buying will satisfy your requirements. You can have a look at consumer reviews and don’t feel pressurised by a sales person, family members or friends.
  • Less impulse shopping happens online, and you can read the fine print before you shop.
  • You can track your spending while you shop. Your total amount due is updating as you add an item to your shopping cart.
  • For the majority of the sites, you can earn and spend your loyalty points.


When shopping online, you have access to all the retailer stock available and is not limited to what is available at the branch you are visiting. In some instances, you can also see the products that are currently not accessible in stock but should be available within a specified time.  

Another plus point of online shopping is looking for that particular item you cannot find in your average shops. Older items and second-hand items are also available online and if you are lucky at a steal.

4.Discreet purchases
Online shopping is ideal for buying something out of the ordinary, and that might be a bit embarrassing to be seen by other people. Your shop in private, and it is wrapped when delivered so you can avoid any awkward moments.

As access to the internet and hopefully trust for online stores are growing amongst the South African consumer, the market will respond favourably, and the customers will reap the benefits.  E-commerce is steadily increasing, and the online retailers are quickly responding.

Online shopping offers various advantages to consumers, but you still need to manage your finances the same way.  If you got carried away with your shopping and find yourself in debt, you are not alone.  Debt Rescue can assist so give them a call and get back on track with your financial wellness.

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