Beyond the braai – 5 budget entertainment ideas

Good friends, a beer, and a braai – this is what many South Africans see as non-negotiables for a successful get-together. While nothing can beat a braai, it can be quite expensive. Why not use the winter months to explore other ways of entertaining?

  1. Pancake party
    Pancakes are super versatile and super cost-effective. For a few rand you can whip up a whole stack of pancakes to feed the hungry masses. Add a few sweet and savoury filling options such as chicken mayonnaise, spinach and feta, ice cream, or chocolate mousse, and you have something everyone will enjoy. And don’t worry about spending the whole party standing in front of the stove – you can bake the pancakes the day before and heat them in the oven when it’s time to eat.
  2. Make a bunny
    There are few things that can warm you up quicker than a delicious curry can! Bunny chow, or simply bunny, is made by hollowing out half a loaf of bread and then filling it with curry. There is also a smaller version called a kota (quarter) which is, as you’ve guessed, made with a quarter loaf. Just a few loaves of bread and two or three different curries is sure to get your guest talking and lining up for seconds.
  3. Host a potluck
    A potluck is a great way to get everyone together without breaking the bank, or your back. With each person or family group only bringing one dish, each can contribute to his or her own abilities, making it much easier on everyone’s budget. Just be sure to coordinate who’s bringing what.
  4. Do an old-school fondue
    There’s a reason fondue was such a favourite in the 60s and 70s. It is an extremely social – and budget friendly – entertaining option that is sure to last well into the night. You can cut up just about anything to use for the fondue, so be creative!
  5. Have a game night
    A get-together doesn’t always have to be centred around a meal. A game night with a few snacks can be just as fun – and it won’t cost an arm and a leg. Pick a game that all your guests will enjoy, or have round-robin sessions with different games if you have a large number of people over.

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