Boost your immune system on a tight budget

Going into Spring, many of us get affected by the change of season. Some people get a bit of hay fever, which makes their noses run and eyes water, and others get knocked down by a strong virus, causing them to rack up doctor and medication bills.

Getting sick is not fun and can end up being very costly. If you want to stay healthy this Spring, you need to keep your immune system strong. Here’s how you can boost your immune system on a budget:

Spring clean your diet

During winter, we eat a lot more comfort foods and are a lot less active; however, it’s time to break the habit of comfort eating, ditch all the processed foods and turn to lighter, fresher and healthier foods.

Eating healthy is not as expensive as you think it is. Fruits and vegetables that are in season are cheaper and offer a higher nutritional content as opposed to fruits and vegetables that are out of season. So you can stock up on seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as apricots, avocados, carrots, fava beans, mangos, pineapples, potatoes, spinach and peas.

Get enough ZZZ’s

Aim for sleeping seven to eight hours every night. The lack of sleep has a bad effect on your immune system. This is because, while you sleep, your body produces cells that help attack viruses in your body. At the same time, rest relieves stress, which improves your immune function.

Make exercise a part of your daily routine

Regular exercise will boost your immune system; however, don’t overdo it. 30 minutes of moderate exercise up to 4 times a week will keep you fit and healthy and help ward off illness. Too much exercise can put too much strain on your body, weakening your immune system.

If you are doing intense workouts, make sure you fuel your body with nutritious foods and drink a sufficient amount of water.

Get enough sunlight

Vitamin D, which you get from sunlight, helps your virus fighting cells work better. A few minutes of direct sunlight every day can provide enough vitamin D to keep your immune system running effectively.

Wash your hands all the time

Wash your hands properly by scrubbing the front and back of your hands, around your wrists and in between your fingers. Make sure you wash your hands often, especially before you eat and after you go to the toilet. Once you’ve washed your hands, dry them properly as germs cling to wet surfaces easily.

Drink enough water

Staying hydrated keeps your mucus membranes moist and immune system in good working order. Taking a bottle of water with you wherever you go will ensure you get enough fluids.

Wipe down surfaces

Using disinfectant, wipe down all surfaces you use, such as your desk, kitchen counters and dining room table. Also wipe down things you touch offen, like your computer mouse, door handles, sink taps and mobile phone. This will cut down the number of germs you get on your food, hands, etc.

You can purchase a bottle of sanitiser for a few rands at a canadian pharmacy or health store.

Don’t avoid professional help

Although keeping your immune system will prevent illness, sometimes your body still isn’t strong enough to fight all the germs that come your way. Make sure you visit a healthcare provider if you fall ill so that you can get treated quickly, before you need antibiotics and other expensive medications.

Keep your health along with your finances in good health. If you are in debt, contact debt rescue for help.

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