Budget friendly activities for the school holidays

With South African school holidays coming up at the end of the month, you’re probably wondering: how am I going to keep my little bundles of energy entertained. Keeping your kids busy over the holidays can become expensive. The next time your hear your kid moan, “I’m so bored!”, here are a few fun, inexpensive ways you can entertain them.

Get the kids to cook with you

You’re going to have to make dinner every night anyway, so why not involve your kids? Getting together in the kitchen every evening to cook is a great way to spend quality time with your kids and teach them a skill that they can use for the rest of their lives.

Plant a garden

Get your kids off their phones and into the backyard! This is a fun outdoor activity for your kids. You can get them to decorate the backyard with beautiful flowers or grow fresh fruits and vegetables.

Rearrange the kids’ rooms

This can be a very fun task for your kids. And now is the perfect time to makeover the kids’ rooms and spring clean your house at the same time. You can move around furniture, repack toys and clothing and chuck out old, useless clutter.

Keep active

Keeping your kids active is important for their health. Whether you take them swimming, running or cycling, or to do any other type of sport, it’s important that they enjoy moving about outdoors.

Join a closeby Park Run. They’re free and fun!

Create a chore schedule

Here’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone: keep your kids busy and get chores done around the house. Set up a chore schedule that includes all the basic chores you need done around the house, including feeding pets, washing dishes, making beds, etc. You can make the chores mandatory or add monetary incentives to the chores to motivate your kids to complete their tasks and, at the same time, you can teach them all about handling and saving money.

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