Budget-friendly ways to say “I Love You” this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon! Unfortunately, like Easter and Christmas, Valentine’s Day has become a commercial hype. Let’s face it –  love is a big business all around the world. Coming up to the romantic day, we see overpriced cards, flowers, chocolates and teddy bears advertised everywhere.

We’ve provided a few romantic ideas that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Just remember, some of the best things in life are free – or at least not ridiculously expensive.

Skip on buying flowers

Flowers, particularly roses, are more expensive from the 1st to the 15th of February, which is why you should avoid buying flowers as a Valentine’s Day gift. There are many other times of the year you can spoil your loved one with flowers.

If you really want to give your other half flowers, here are a few cheap ways to do so:

  • If you know someone with rose bushes or flower beds, ask them if you can pick a few flowers and make your own arrangement.
  • Opt for a pot plant – these last longer.
  • Buy a single flower, such as a red rose, as a simple, romantic gesture.

Set up an intimate date at home

If you’re worried about coughing up a lot of money for a wine and dine experience, consider having a candlelit dinner at home. Dinner for two at a restaurant usually costs anything from R300 per person – even more if you order a bottle or two of wine. You can make a delicious meal and dessert that will cost a lot less at home – plus you don’t have to tip a waitron. If you’re not a great cook, order in. Wine and sushi is almost always a winner for dates.

Make something special

Sometimes, going to the effort of making your loved one something special is more meaningful than buying an expensive gift. Consider making a photo frame and adding a picture of you two in it, knitting a scarf or baking a cake.

Don’t waste money on cards and gift wrap

budget giftSometimes wrapping up and adding a card to a present can cost just as much as the present itself. You can, however, get creative with cards and wrapping paper. Homemade cards are special and will save you a lot of money. You can even just write a simple, romantic love note on a piece of paper – this will cost almost nothing!

When it comes to wrapping up a gift, either reuse a gift bag you’ve received in the past or wrap the gift in newspaper – this can look really awesome!

Keep things simple

Why buy a fancy dessert at a restaurant when you can enjoy an affordable soft serve ice cream cone? Most fast food restaurants sell ice cream cones for under R10 each. Instead of paying to go to the movies, go for an outdoor walk at one of the Botanical Gardens, a free dog park or if you live near the coast, along the beach.

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