Budget ideas to make staying home fun & affordable

Budget ideas to make staying home fun & affordable

The school holidays coupled with the various public holidays in April, make it the ideal time for that pre-winter getaway. However, due to budget restraints you find yourself left behind as family, friends and neighbours head off with their new sun hats and broad smiles.

But don’t look so glum; you can make staying home fun and affordable too.

Firsts things first

Staying home, especially if you weren’t able to go away during December either, can be hard. Parents want to give their kids (and themselves) at least one annual trip to look forward to. Tackle the elephant in the room head-on. Tell your kids why you can’t go away and make it a family action-plan to save and plan towards the next holiday.

Budget ideas to keep the whole family entertained

  • Themed dinners – Italian, Greek, Mexican, …the options are endless. Research affordable recipes and get everyone involved in the meal preparation. Make an entire themed evening of it by dressing up for the occasion and listening to music from that country.
  • A special Easter Egg Hunt – Take it up a notch this year with maps, riddles and creative hiding spots.
  • Board game swap – Swap out the board games your kids are tired of with others from family and friends. Then, set aside an hour or two a day as board game-time. It will quickly become a family favourite and allow you to enjoy real quality time together.
  • Toy swap – The same goes for toys. Team up with a friend or family member whose kids are as old as yours and swap toys for the holidays. Each child can pick five toys they can live without for a few weeks, and swap it out. New toys without paying a cent.
  • Invite friends over or visit them – Host a braai or dinner for friends and share the costs by asking them to bring a few things. Visiting friend’s houses can also feel like a break away from your house.
  • Explore your own space – Don’t eat in the same spot every time. Make meals extra special by doing a dinner in the garden by candlelight or a lunch picnic on the lawn.
  • DIY crafts – Search the internet for inspiration on how to use recycled items to make useful or beautiful things. This will keep the kids entertained for hours.
  • Bake – Research quick and easy baking recipes and get the kids involved in making and decorating cup cakes, biscuits or even their own chocolate Easter eggs.
  • Day trips – Include a few budget day trips in between “home-days” for e.g. a trip to an amusement park, water park, zoo etc. Try and keep it as affordable as possible by making sure everyone eats a large breakfast before you head out. If your neighbourhood has a public pool it could be a great way to kill the hottest hours of the day.

Sometimes finances can be such a burden that it is too difficult to think creatively when it comes to our budget. Before your debt robs all the joy from your life, give Debt Rescue a call and let us help you.


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