National Saving Month: Weekly Challenge 1

July is National Savings Month for South Africans. The campaign was set out by the South African Savings Institute (SASI) to improve the savings culture of all South Africans. Anyone interested in some fun money saving challenges that actually work? Join us for a weekly challenge over the month of July… You in?

With ever rising prices on just about everything we need, most of us can’t afford to save money. But we can certainly do things that might keep more ka-ching in our pockets. For the next four weeks we challenge you to try a different saving hack every week. Get ready to boost your saving skills!


Challenge 1 – No Eating (or Drinking) Out for a Week

This National Savings Month, we would like to challenge you start saving where you can. And one of the biggest non-necessary expenses we all feel tempted into, is spending money on food and drinks when we don’t have to. This includes eating out in restaurants, takeaways, a cheeky drink in our favourite bar or even just a coffee stop on our way to work.

On average, South Africans will spend around R1 400 to R1500 on eating or drinking out a month. It might not feel like you’re spending that kind of money. Especially when it’s only small amounts at a time. But when added up, it can be quite shocking to see how much money we’ve wasted.

We challenge you to stop buying food or drinks from restaurants, bars and takeaways for a week.

That means:

  • no drinks from convenience stores
  • no snacks from the garage when you put petrol in
  • no ordering takeaways for lunch at work
  • no vending machine trips in the office

Basically, no more little delicious extras that eat up our cash.

Let’s focus on MAKING food. Not BUYING food. Stick with your groceries and make everything at home.

We know it can be hard. Buts it’s definitely worth it.

Let’s see how much we can save in a week – or even try a month! What have you really got to lose? 


Challenge accepted? Great!

Here’s some starter tips…

Instead of buying food and drinks as-you-go, prepare you meals as you need them. If you don’t mind the prepping for lunch, use what you have in the kitchen to whip up something lekker for lunch.

And let’s be honest… you really can’t beat a home cooked meal for lunch.

If you don’t enjoy preparing a meal just for lunch, use your leftovers from dinner and finish that instead.

Do you enjoy your usually coffee stop in the morning on your way to work? Invest in a coffee flask! Let’s say a cappuccino from your favourite takeaway costs R19. You can buy a box of 20 cappuccino sachets for your coffee flask instead for just under R100. Price comparison? 20 cappuccinos from your takeaway = R380/ 20 cappuccinos made at home. That’s a pretty nice saving…

Even if you don’t drink cappuccino, I’m sure you catch our drift 😉.


Saving a small amount, soon builds up to large amount

It’s those little expenses that we often don’t think about. A small leak can sink a big ship! Let’s start getting into the saving culture. Having money in the bank feels awesome!

We would love to hear how your weekly challenge went! Drop us a message on Facebook and share your success with us and others!



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