Budgeting: 5 Great reasons to book your holiday early

With the year in full swing and the majority of us hitting the ground running, it is time to remind ourselves of the importance of our health and maintaining a good balance between work and life. Planning a holiday in advance has various benefits and is very good for your budget as well.  

With all the holidays (Easter, school and public) coming up late March, April and early May, let’s bust the myth that the best holiday offers are always last minute and plan our next break.

Timing is perfect

The timing of your holiday has a major influence on the costs.  If you are restricted to school holidays and can’t compromise on your available dates it will definitely be recommended to book in advance.  Obviously, if you are not restricted to school holidays it will be cheaper to book in the low season.

The travel industry loves planning and will reward you handsomely if you make their job easier by booking in advance.  The sooner you book your flights and car rental, for example, the greater the discounts available. Various resorts and hotels offers early bird specials, all-inclusive packages and kids stay free options.  All wonderful news to your budget.

For those not limited to school holidays have a look out for the midweek specials. Don’t forget to ask for free upgrades as the majority of hotels do have the better rooms available in low season.

Best choices available

When booking in advance you, of course, are spoilt for choice.  This includes rooms in your dream hotel, self-catering units with the most available amenities and of course the best views.

For flights, you can book the better seats and the most suitable times.  Certain days are even cheaper than others, Sunday early evenings are your most expensive flights. Thus flying a day earlier or later can have a positive impact on your budget.

With various attractions allowing you to buy tickets online in advance, it gives you the opportunity to book your daily activities and avoid the disappointment of it being fully booked on the day, and in many cases the long queues!

Budgeting is easier

The majority of places requests smaller deposits when booking way in advance and this helps you to plan your payments for the remainder of the monies due. This, of course, enables you to have extra spending money available on holiday and budget better for the extra goodies needed for your trip.

Don’t forget about loyalty points.  The majority of loyalty programmes are partnered with various travel groups and will allow you to either spend or earn points while using their services.  Music to your budget’s ears.

Ensure you have the necessary insurance.  Travel insurance is available free of charge or at a nominal fee from most medical aids and financial institutions. In most cases, it is also cheaper to book in advance and although the most comprehensive cover seems more expensive it is definitely worth it if life happens while you are on holiday.

Preparation is less stressful

With all your bookings made, the holiday is far more enjoyable and less stressful. For the few weeks leading up to your holiday, you will be able to plan your work schedule accordingly and hopefully not have loads of work waiting for you on your return.

It is of course far more exciting as well to pack for the holiday when you have advance notice and are not stressed to get things done at the last minute.

Something to look forward to

What better motivation is there to handle the everyday stresses if you have a wonderful holiday to look forward to?  It is a proven fact that the anticipation of a holiday has a very positive effect on one’s psyche and will provide you with the necessary energy to keep you going.

If your current debt is draining all your energy and it feels like you will never be able to go on holiday ever again, don’t despair, Debt Rescue can assist so give them a call!

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