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It can be difficult to save money while you’re paying off all your debt accounts. You’re trying your best to manage your finances but nothing seems to work. Something always seems to get in the way — your car might need a service or you’ve got unexpected medical bills. These unexpected expenses can prevent you… Continued

The pandemic has left a lot of South Africans without a job or severe salary cuts. This has caused tremendous pressure on consumers’ financial situation. A recent study by Deloitte has found that South Africans are more concerned about their personal finances than getting coronavirus. According to the study, financial stress was a main driver… Continued

You’ve finally decided to get out of debt. That’s great news! To help you get out of debt, and stay out of debt, you’ll need to learn how to budget. Budgeting is a financial lesson that cannot be overemphasized. This is one of the most important personal finance skills you’ll learn. Budgeting correctly will help… Continued

The perfect Valentine’s Day can be a bit overwhelming. So we decided to step in as a loyal wingman and help you sweep your loved one off their feet. Here are our 7 affordable Valentine’s Day ideas. Food-lovers  1. Go on a food/drink tour  These days we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to tours.… Continued

Most of us don’t like budgeting, to be honest, it’s boring and we usually don’t stick to them. Essentially, budgeting is simply a fourth-grade math problem. But the tricky part is sticking to the budget. A budget is nothing but a simple spending plan that helps you prioritise your money. So, how do you create… Continued

Men are capable of taking bigger financial risks, and women approach finance with caution and careful planning – now that’s a cliché right there. Women are becoming more empowered and taking charge of their futures, and proudly so. However, while some women are taking full control of their financial future others are slowly learning the… Continued

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