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July is National Savings Month for South Africans. The campaign was set out by the South African Savings Institute (SASI) to improve the savings culture of all South Africans. Anyone interested in some fun money saving challenges that actually work? Join us for a weekly challenge over the month of July… You in? With ever… Continued

Did you know; as South Africans, we have been branded as one of the worst countries when it comes to saving. We would rather have debt than open a savings account. Here are 5 tips to help you get started with your first savings account. Studies have shown that we are too attached to instant… Continued

Budgeting is simply a financial plan that helps us achieve our financial goals. To ensure we have enough to spend on the things we need, while saving for the future. Find out how you can set up your budget and plan for your financial goals. To most of us, just the idea of a budget… Continued

Eskom have increased our electricity bills by 14% in April earlier this year, and it won’t stop there. Eskom have announced that they’re planning to increase costs by 22.7% by 2022. Wow! South Africans have a tough time with Eskom, especially over the past few years, and things aren’t looking any better. So, what are… Continued

What is the envelope budget? Different types of budgeting methods work for different people. Lately, the envelope budget has been one of the least spoken about budgeting methods. It may, however, be a useful method for you. This method of budgeting has been around for decades. It’s simple and effective. Basically, you separate cash into… Continued

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