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“Change the way you see things and the things you see will change.” ~ Wayne Dyer   Any process that involves a change of lifestyle can make you feel hesitant or nervous. Debt review is one of those processes that you only feel comfortable with once you have gone through it. In this article we […]

“Children are our greatest treasure. They are our future.” ~ Nelson Mandela ~ All parents understand what the financial rollercoaster feels like. Children do not. All our children see are the days and nights that mom or dad are worried about something. Food, clothing and toys appear on the best of days. They ask for […]

According to a TransUnion study, 8 out of 10 South Africans say their household income has been negatively affected due to the pandemic. To help them cover their monthly expenses, consumers have relied on credit to help them through these difficult financial times.  To add further fuel to the fire, TransUnion found a clear trend […]

A dark cloud hangs over the heads of 10.47 Million people in South Africa. Unmanageable debt. If you’re one of the millions of South Africans with an impaired credit record and crippling debt, how do you compare?  Millions of South Africans cannot live without credit every month. And millions are already blacklisted due to their […]

Did you know that 81% of households in South Africa consider access to credit important? But only 33% believe they will be granted access to credit and lending products if they apply.  The National Credit Regulator found that 40% of credit-active South Africans have impaired credit records. Financial institutions consider these consumers a credit “risk”. […]

Let’s talk about debt recycling. And yep this really exists. It’s also incredibly risky… Debt Recycling is when you pay a balance towards your credit card, overdraft, or revolving loan but then continue to use the amounts you’ve paid towards your debt throughout the month. A study showed that as many as 70% of South […]

It has never been more difficult to be a single mom than it is right now…  The National Debt Advisory (NDA) found that 70% of women ran out of money before the end of the month. And 65% of women experienced a reduced income while taking on more domestic responsibility during the pandemic.  Single moms […]

There are many misconceptions about debt counselling and debt consolidation loans. Many consumers believe that this is the same process. In fact, the two are very different. And one has the potential to leave you in a worse position than before… When it comes to our finances there are many options to consider when financial […]

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