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The coronavirus has had a huge impact on our economy. South Africans are taking the necessary steps to combat the financial strain. Banks have stepped up by offering payment holidays to their customers. Although payment holidays will offer immediate financial relief, it will cost you in the long run.  It is great that banks have… Continued

There is no question that we will experience an economic downturn during 2020 and for some time beyond. The current trend has created a debate as to where exactly the economy is heading. Some economists say we’re heading for a global recession, while others predict a global depression. One thing is certain though, an economic… Continued

Education is expensive. Although some families are lucky enough to save for education, it’s not always enough. Majority of students have to pay their own way through university or college. And starting a career with a ton of debt is not ideal. Pay off your student loan like a boss and build a stronger financial position for… Continued

If you’re stressed out because of money, it’s okay. You’re not alone. Studies have shown that the average person experiences 4 stressful life events each year. Those could include ending a marriage, not being able to provide for kids or being over-indebted. These are all very stressful experiences. The study found that money was the main driver for being stressed out.… Continued

Studies have shown that South Africans spend, on average, 63% of their after-tax income on debt. That’s pretty shocking. Spending most of our income on debt means that we have less to spend on the things that matter most. While consolidation loans may seem like a great idea, the long-term effects are not worth it.  The… Continued

Your credit score could be the most important number connected to your name. The three-digit number contains information that shows how well you manage your credit. And creditors like to use this number to weigh you up against other consumers. They use this information to predict whether you’ll be a good or bad consumer. How… Continued

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