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Paying off your debt is a long and slow process, which can be frustrating. But if you make small changes to your monthly spending habits, you can speed up the process. You can get out of debt quicker by making simple lifestyle changes. We all have lifestyle expenses we can sacrifice to help us get… Continued

IOL reported that the average South African carries around R16,481 in credit card debt. But considering current economic conditions these numbers may be a lot higher. Debt Rescue conducted a study that found 85% of South Africans are in financial stress due to covid-19. Due to their current financial situation, South African consumers are relying… Continued

Many South Africans are struggling to afford all their monthly bills at the moment. As a result of this consumers rely on debt relief programmes to help cope with their financial situation. One solution may be Debt Administration. What is debt administration and how does it work? There are various financial relief options to choose… Continued

As the Covid-19 pandemic keeps rising, South Africans struggle to keep up with all their monthly expenses. Many people have lost their jobs over the past few months and those who have jobs are hanging on a financial thread. Providing a perfect feeding ground for money lenders. Dodgy loans sharks have infested South Africa with… Continued

The coronavirus has had a huge impact on our economy. South Africans are taking the necessary steps to combat the financial strain. Banks have stepped up by offering payment holidays to their customers. Although payment holidays will offer immediate financial relief, it will cost you in the long run.  It is great that banks have… Continued

There is no question that we will experience an economic downturn during 2020 and for some time beyond. The current trend has created a debate as to where exactly the economy is heading. Some economists say we’re heading for a global recession, while others predict a global depression. One thing is certain though, an economic… Continued

Education is expensive. Although some families are lucky enough to save for education, it’s not always enough. Majority of students have to pay their own way through university or college. And starting a career with a ton of debt is not ideal. Pay off your student loan like a boss and build a stronger financial position for… Continued

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