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Your 30’s make up an exciting decade in your life. This is often a time when most people experience a series of life-changing events. You may get married, buy a house, have children and excel in your career. And along the way, you’ll have to make big financial decisions that will lay the foundation for… Continued

Are you struggling to see the light at the end of the month? Does the idea of ever buying your own home feel impossible? Your credit score is one of the most important ways to measure your financial health. It also shows how responsible you are with debt or credit. The higher your score, the… Continued

When it comes to personal finance, there are two rules you should always live by:  1) Always live below your means  and  2) Always look forward to the future and save for it  Applying these basic rules to your daily life could mean the difference between feeling stressed out about finances and in control of… Continued

TransUnion has found that South Africans have fallen behind on their debt repayments. A third of clothing account holders have fallen behind with more than 3 or more payments according to a TransUnion report. In December of 2020, the report showed that 12% of credit cards and 22% of personal loans were also overdue by… Continued

The last thing we need right now is a petrol price hike. Fuel prices are set to rise for the third consecutive month of 2021, as oil continues to recover from the covid pandemic shock.  According to the Automobile Association (AA), motorists should expect another petrol price hike for March.  Fuel prices are set to… Continued

It may seem like there’s nothing you can do to spice up your Valentine’s day while we’re in lockdown. But we have a few ideas that would ignite the flame between you and your significant other. Here are 6 Valentine’s day date ideas to try even though we’re in lockdown. Check out our ideas for… Continued

More than 60% of South Africans will be participating in this year’s Black Friday deals, according to our own Black Friday survey findings. Although most South Africans experienced a salary reduction during 2020, they’re eager to partake in Black Friday deals. We found that most shoppers will be purchasing essential household items (like toiletries, cleaning… Continued

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build wealth? One way of building wealth is by growing your net worth. So, how do you build wealth based on your current net worth? To build wealth you’ll need more assets than liabilities. Assets include everything you own. This may include property, a car, stocks, bonds,… Continued

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