Challenge: Reduce waste to save the environment and money

Reduce waste – what can you do?

Our beautiful earth is getting ruined by waste. Synthetic materials, such as plastic and paper are polluting our land and ocean. You can help save the planet. How? Cutting down excessive plastic consumption is a great way to start. Plus, you can save money by doing so! Here are a few tips to help you reduce waste:

Buy reusable shopping bags

South Africans use about eight billion shopping bags every year. This is causing copious amounts of unnecessary waste. Instead of using plastic bags every time you go shopping, which adds up in cost, consider buying or repurposing a few material bags.

Stop using one-use water bottles

Millions of plastic water bottles are not recycled properly. Consider buying a glass water bottle. Refilling a water bottle is not only cheaper, but it’s also a great help to the environment. Plus, the plastic containers contain BPA and phthalates, which are very unhealthy for our bodies. A refillable water bottle will also encourage you to drink more water throughout the day.


Stick to stainless steel cutlery

Stop buying plastic cutlery for convenience. Every time you use plastic cutlery, you’re adding extra, unnecessary waste to the environment. A few extra dishes after a braai or picnic will not put you out.

Stop using straws

Straws are easy to grab at grocery stores and restaurants all across the world. The amount of straws used and disposed of every day is a big contributing factor to the decline of the planet’s environment. Do your part by refusing to use straws. If you really, really want to use a straw, opt for a reusable stainless steel straw. You can take 

them everywhere and use them over and over again.


Switch to using cotton towels in the kitchen

You don’t need to turn to paper towels and serviettes for every mess. Use cotton towels to wipe up hands and surfaces. It does require more washing but it saves you from having to buy a lot of paper towels and therefore reduces kitchen waste.

Switch to glass containers

Besides keeping your food fresher for longer, using glass containers will help you cut down on the amount of plastic you waste too. Plastic containers do not last as long and cause food to spoil quicker than glass containers. So, basically, glass containers will ensure healthier, fresher food and less waste in your kitchen.

Switch to cloth wipes for you baby

For all the environmentally conscious mothers out there, opt for cloth wipes. They are more effective, ensure fewer chemicals end up on your baby’s sensitive skin and are better for the environment.

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