Covid Impact Survey

How were you affected by Covid-19 financially?

We need your help.

Accurate, real-time statistics are of utmost importance in times of crisis. This survey will be used to see how COVID-19 has impacted the population, and how we can help anyone suffering financially as a result going forward. For us to win this fight, the decisions we make must be evidenced-based.

More than 56 million South Africans are now dealing with a new reality. We’re in a situation that’s unlike anything we’ve faced before.

And even though it may feel like everything has been put on pause, we know that the need to share our stories hasn’t. In fact, it may be more important than ever.

And as a thank you, we will enter your name into a R1,000 draw! 

Can we change the world with our thoughts alone?

Probably not.

But if we share our thoughts together on one platform, we may be able to influence POSITIVE CHANGE.

Take part in Debt Rescues Impact Survey and get your voice heard.

We will alert the winner of our random prize draw via email.

*The survey is completely anonymous. By clicking on the “TAKE SURVEY” button you give us consent to store, analyse and publish the data you provided in the survey. We will not publish any individual’s information; we will only make the aggregate results publicly available.

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