Don’t Feed the Debt Monster

We all know what debt is. And most of us have it. A credit card, store card, finance on a car or a personal loan we are paying off…  But what happens when we start missing payments? The Debt monster soon begins to taunt us.

39% of South Africans live with the Debt Monster… struggling to cope every month.

This monster can seem harmless when it’s small. But it soon becomes more terrifying. It grows larger on late repayment fees, interest, service fees, and other hidden costs. It likes to hide under the bed and keep us up late at night.

As it grows larger and larger, it becomes more dangerous. Threatening to take away your home, your car and stopping you from starting a business, getting a further education and having the things you need, when you need it.


Are you living with a Debt Monster?

How do we know if we are over-indebted? When should we start worrying about the Debt Monster?

You know it’s becoming a problem when you don’t have a lot of money left at the end of the month after paying your monthly debt repayments. Your balance never seems to go down because the Debt Monster keeps feeding on the interest. It follows you around when you’re at work, with friends or when you’re at home with your family – creating continuous stress.

Everyone who has ever lived with the Debt Monster, tries to avoid it. You pretend it’s not there. But this only makes this monster more powerful. The truth is, it will never leave you alone. Not until you stop ignoring it and over-feeding it.


The Debt Monster is everywhere

Debt is expensive.

No one intends on getting to a point where debt becomes unmanageable. And that’s the scary part… It can happen to anyone.

Maybe you’ve had a loss of a regular income. If a household is used to two incomes, losing one can be difficult to overcome without using debt to maintain your current expenses. Sometimes it’s because of unexpected costs, an unforeseen illness with high medical fees. Maybe it’s a case of bad spending habits. Not knowing when to say no or understanding the consequences of overspending can put us in a vicious cycle.

The fear of losing your home, your car and even your job are real concerns when debt starts taking over.  We are all vulnerable to debt. That’s why debt counselling was formally introduced.


How to fight the Debt Monster

Luckily, the Debt Monster can be fought. Sometimes you just need a team behind you.

A lot of us have heard of debt counselling, but not a lot of us really know what it is.

Debt counselling is a process regulated through the National Credit Act to ensure fair practice to those who are struggling to live due to debt. Our aim at Debt Rescue is to help you get out of debt, while still being able to afford living expenses such as food and rent.

We reduce your monthly payments while legally protecting you and your assets from creditors.

You will experience the relief that Debt Review offers immediately.


Debt Counselling Benefits

Debt can affect many areas of one’s life. It can literally cause both physical and mental health problems.

Debt counselling is a responsible way of getting a grip on your debts and you’re getting your life back on track with:

  • Lower monthly repayments
  • Protection from legal action
  • All living expenses covered
  • Ongoing support

Many of us need debt counselling to actively get out of debt. If you are suffering from high levels of stress and are unable to manage the situation, then it’s time to take action.

Debt Counselling is designed to get you out of debt.

Start fighting the Debt Monster today and get your life back on track. Have enough money to pay your bills on time and buy food. Once the Debt Monster is out of your life for once and for all, you’ll finally be able to save for retirement, a deposit on your dream home, or anything else debt has stopped you from doing.

Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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