Pay off debt without losing assets

Drowning in debt?

Are you over-indebted? In other words, are you unable to pay your debt and have enough to cover your living expenses? If yes, Debt Rescue can come to your rescue to become debt free again through a trusted and credible debt counselling process.

The National Credit Act (NCA) formally introduced Debt Counsellors to assist over-indebted consumers. The goal of Debt Rescue is to develop a repayment plan, which is affordable to you as well as acceptable to all your Credit Providers. Committing and following this repayment plan carefully will help you become debt free again.

Debt Rescue can help you

Debt Rescue is one of the largest Debt Counselling companies in South Africa and has assisted thousands of South Africans to pay off their debt in an affordable manner without losing their assets.

According to the National Credit Regulator (NCR), more than 47% of all credit active consumers in South Africa are over-indebted, meaning that they are in arrears with at least three payments on one of their accounts. Therefore, if you find yourself in a situation where you cannot afford to pay all your Credit Providers, as well as have enough money left at the end of the month to pay your living expenses, you are not alone and you can rest assured that there is help. If this is the case, Debt Rescue is there to help you.

A trustworthy Debt Counselling process

We will determine your monthly living expenses and what you have to pay your Credit Providers each month, taking into account what you can actually pay these Credit Providers. If you qualify for Debt Review, a repayment plan will be drawn up to make a single payment every month to an accredited Payment Distribution Agency, who will distribute the money to your different Credit Providers in terms of your repayment plan. In order for this to be made possible your monthly instalments will in effect be reduced and your repayment terms will be extended. We will inform your Credit Providers that you are under Debt Review and in terms of the National Credit Act they will not be able to take legal action against you for the next 60 business days. In order to provide you with further protection against your Credit Providers your repayment plan will be made an order of court. But, do not fear you will not have to attend court for this to happen.


All fees payable to Debt Rescue, as well as the cost to apply for the Debt Review court order are provided for in your repayment plan. You will therefore at all times be making only one affordable monthly payment towards both your Credit Providers and your Debt Review fees. We will furthermore provide you with monthly aftercare and monitor your payments to the Payment Distribution Agency.

Speak to us today

So, if you want to experience immediate financial relief, send Debt Rescue your details and we will contact you at a time that is convenient to you. You will pay one affordable monthly instalment and have sufficient funds for reasonable living expenses and enjoy protection against legal action from your Credit Providers. Just remember, if you are over-indebted and you take too long to seek help, your Credit Providers might commence legal action against you and then nothing can be done in respect of that particular Credit Provider.

We look forward to taking your hand and walking the road with you towards financial freedom.
Debt Rescue has enabled thousands of South Africans to pay off their debt. Visit our website at or call 0861 800 009.

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  1. Good day, i want to know how you can assist me regarding my debt my score id 558 and i had a loan before dis not pay it for more than 5 years because i was not working full time.

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