Debt Review Awards 2015

Debt counselling has become an extremely important tool for over-indebted consumers to restructure their debt and get a tailored, revised repayment plan so that they can pay off their debt in the shortest possible period of time, while still being able to provide for themselves and their families monthly.

The Debt Review awards is an industry awards programme whereby credit providers, debt counsellors, consumers, as well as government agencies such as the National Credit Regulator, DTI and National Consumer Tribunal recognise excellence in the field of debt review. It has also been established as the Oscars of the industry and is the most prestigious annual industry event.

On Saturday the 13th of June 2015 the Debt Review Awards ceremony took place in Midrand and the leaders of the industry were recognised for outstanding achievement in serving the community and in working to improve the industry as a whole.

This year Debt Rescue won both awards available to large debt counselling companies, namely the Favourite Debt Counselling Company according to the Public, as well as the Best Debt Counselling Company according to the Industry Panel.

We all work very hard during the year to provide the best quality service to our clients and will continue to work on improving wherever we can. It is our passion to help people to achieve financial freedom in the shortest possible period of time.

Our clients are our focus and priority and we will continue to work towards their success.

We could not have received such prestigious awards without the help of every person who believed in us and voted for us. For that, we are truly thankful.

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