A delicious recipe for your month-end budget

April is a busy month; we made it through the Easter weekend, mostly survived the school holidays, and now we are getting ready for yet another long weekend with Freedom Day and Workers day. Although long weekends and holidays are usually good for the soul, mind and body, it is not friendly towards the budget.

Food is essential for life and also a critical part of our budget. A weak economy and an increase in fuel or taxes have an adverse effect on the cost of food which directly affects our budget.  But all is not doom and gloom.  With a few smart ideas and a little bit of imagination, you can continue to enjoy life to the fullest and stay within budget.  

Food can be delicious, healthy and suit your pocket. Cooking at home is also an ideal way to spend some quality time with the family.  Take a few minutes to plan your meals, check your pantry for the ingredients, create a shopping list and most importantly – stick to it!

Here are a few budget-friendly tips and an easy and delicious recipe:

  • Buy cheaper cuts of meat
  • Replace meat with other proteins
  • Embrace whole grains and beans
  • Buy generic brands
  • Buy fresh produce when it is in season and freeze it


Cheesy mince pasta

Serves 4

Shopping list:

  • 30ml oil
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 2 tsp crushed garlic
  • 500 g mince
  • 2 packets instant cheese sauce
  • Your choice of pasta


  • Cook the pasta in water with a little bit of oil and salt in the water
  • While you wait for the pasta, heat the oil in a separate saucepan and fry the onion and garlic.
  • Add the mince to the onion and garlic mix and cook until brown
  • Make the cheese sauce as per the packet instructions
  • Drain the pasta, add it to the mince and stir in the cheese sauce
  • Enjoy!

* For some additional flavour, add some Italian herbs to the mince mix while cooking

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