Dress kids warm on the cheap

At the rate kids grow it can be tough keeping up with clothes that fit properly – especially in the winter when they wear layer upon layer! But don’t despair! With a few simple strategies you can keep your kids nice and toasty without breaking your budget.

Buy out of season

Most stores start clearing out their winter stock as soon as the temperatures start to pick up. Although buying from end-of-season sales might take a little forward planning, it can save you loads of money in the long run. Choose items that are slightly larger to leave room for the kids to grow into them.

Trawl the second-hand shops

Think about the amount of perfectly good kids clothes you have donated over the years. Can we tell you a secret? You’re not the only one. Second-hand shops are full of barely-worn and good as new clothes that you can pick up for next to nothing. Check them out for jackets, jeans, and other basics.

Swap with family and friends

Most of us grew up with cousin clothes, and there is nothing wrong with that! That box of hand-me-downs can take a lot of strain off of the family budget, and even more so when one of the kids just had a growth spurt. Don’t feel bad for accepting a donation of clothes from friends or family – just make sure you pay it forward!

Invest in vests

While winter mornings might make you reach for your jacket, temperatures in South Africa rarely drop far enough to warrant a goose down parka fit for Arctic conditions. Rather buy good quality thermal or cotton vests for the kids to wear under their shirts. Not only will this keep them warm, it will also prevent them from stripping too many layers during playtime and potentially catching a cold.

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