How will Debt Review influence my credit record and will I be able to apply for credit again in the future?

While you are under Debt Review, a flag indicating that you are under Debt Review will be present behind your name at the Credit Bureaux. Once you have satisfied your debt obligations, we will instruct the Credit Bureaux to remove the flag and there will be no indication that you have ever been under Debt Review.

However, if you do not apply for Debt Review, your situation can become much worse. If you skip monthly instalments on any of your Credit Agreements, whether it is a Mortgage Bond or a mere clothing account, this will be listed as non-payments.

For purposes of obtaining credit in the future when you are back on your feet again, you should opt for Debt Review rather than juggling your Credit Providers by paying them less than your original instalment or not paying all of them timeously.

Thank you!

We look forward to the opportunity to get you debt-free!

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