What does Debt Rescue mean?

Debt can be a crippling feeling. Luckily for you, Debt Rescue is the number one debt review company in South Africa and can assist over-indebted individuals. Debt Rescue will assist in rectifying your situation as well as preventing you from being blacklisted.

How Does Debt Rescue Work?

The debt rescue process was brought into effect by the National Credit Act (N.C.A) in 2007 to help over-indebted consumers achieve financial freedom and be free of debt.

The first step in the debt rescue process involves approaching a registered debt counsellor. We at Debt Rescue understand each individual’s circumstances are different and as such we will look at your situation, help restructure your debts and come up with the best plan to help you achieve a debt-free life.

Once a repayment plan has been determined, we will approach your creditors on your behalf to understand the situation further and determine what the quickest way is to get you out of debt. The negotiation process will reduce your monthly repayments to your creditors, ensuring you are able to pay your living expenses while still paying off your debts.

Through Debt Rescue, you will be able to become debt-free and live a happier, stress-free life.

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Did you know?

You can start your application process already. Simply download your assessment or fill in our online application and get one step closer to becoming debt-free with Debt Rescue!

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