What happens after debt review?

What happens after debt review?
Knowing what happens once you’ve completed the process is important. In case you were wondering, there is life after debt review! And, we can safely say that you will be way better off financially once you’ve paid off all of your debt. 

If you’ve completed the process, congratulations! You’ve made a very wise decision and have cleared your debt. To help you know what to expect after the process, we’ve provided some information and answered two of your biggest questions.

What happens after the debt review process?

When starting the process, Debt Rescue lets all credit bureaus and credit providers know that you are under debt review. The credit bureaus then flag your profile as ‘under debt review’. While your profile is flagged, you aren’t eligible to take out any more credit. This is so that you can pay off your debt effectively without the hindrance of more debt. 

After completing the process, ie. your debt is completely paid off, you will be issued a clearance certificate. This certificate is known as Form 19

Thereafter, your debt counsellor will notify the credit bureaus that you are debt free! They are legally required by the National Credit Act to remove the ‘under debt review’ flag from your credit profile within 21 business days of being notified that you are no longer under debt review.

Can you apply for credit after debt review?

Yes. Once you’ve been unflagged, you can apply for credit once again and make purchases, such as for a house or car, under credit. You will not be denied because you were once under debt review. You will have to, however, build up your credit score, like anyone else who wants to apply for credit.

Find out how to check if your name is under debt review.

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