Food Index Survey

9 responses to “Food Index Survey”

  1. Instead of fries, I have only made dishes that can last up to 2 to 3 days, pastas mostly
    I can no longer afford eating out
    I wish I could start a raised veggie garden with essential vegetables because I do have space for it.

  2. Cost of living is so high and many of us are living on a hand to mouth basis, changing our outlook on life and how we spend money is at its optimum, now is the time we reevaluate our needs and wants, getting back to basic…. its not easy given the bombardment of advertising and social media conformities…I would love it if the government would subsidize families with seeds so we can all be encouraged to start our own mini gardens, irrespective of where you live(be it a Mkhukhu or a free standing house)there are many creative ways we can all participate in to alleviate the severity poverty.

  3. The cost of food has increased so drastically that we have had to cut down on many items in our grocery cupboard. With a new baby in the house we have extra costs and are unable to afford luxury items or to eat meat every day. We have replaced meat meals with meat-free options such as meat-free pasta dishes.

  4. I had to cut down on 1 meal a day, replaced with cup of coffee rather. Had to change my excercise plan, to avoid being hungry alot anf safe up on petrol aswell. Drink alot of water.

  5. The cost of food is increase cut my food replace it with fruit and yougurt and drink low warm water

  6. Since my 1st born started tertiary, I use taxis a lot than using my car to meet end meets and we cook rice, pasta and spaghetti during the week and meat it’s for weekends, diluting juice it’s our refshment

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