How Desire Can Help You Achieve Financial Freedom

“If you don’t put a value on money and seek wealth, you most probably won’t receive it. You must seek wealth for it to seek you. If no burning desire for wealth arises within you, wealth will not arise around you.”

~ Dr. J. F. Demartini


Do you want wealth or instant gratification? The human search for greater comfort is never ending. We want our families and ourselves to live better lives. We want our own lives to be easier. The constant wish for an ending to financial struggle is a struggle in itself. South Africa is not an easy country, we have a radical difference between those living under the bread line and those who manage to keep their heads just above it.

Wealth therefore hardly ever factors into desires. Instead, the dream of the nation is one of a little more comfort, fewer bills, and anything to remove the financial strain. This constant hunt for instant comfort is not conducive to the hunt for wealth. Humans abhor struggling and very few would willingly take the hard road to reach a goal of wealth if they can simply end the struggle today. Unfortunately, it is always darkest before dawn. There needs to be a certain amount of understanding and struggle endured to be able to breakthrough into the light.

Change Your Mindset

Breaking through into a life of wealth does not mean that you are fighting to end financial turmoil. It means that you are working towards attaining the goal of financial freedom. The mental shift happens when you stop fighting against what you don’t want and start working for what you do want.

When you make this shift, your bills will be paid on time, you will spend less on luxuries and instant gratification purchases. Why? Because every cent will become a powerful asset towards reaching the horizon which contains your dream of wealth. Decisions fuelled by fear, hatred and negativity will yield a cycle of negativity. Decisions fuelled by excitement, hope and dreams fulfilled will yield more fruitful actions. More fruitful actions will mean that you attain that which you have set out to.

Exercise Your Willpower

Regardless of how terrible you are with numbers; you are either a master over your money or a slave to it. Economies will rise and fall multiple times in your lifetime. Interest rates will skyrocket, and stock markets will plummet. Change is inevitable. How you ride this change is up to you, and you, alone.

Your financial situation is yours to master. You can make budgets until you are blue in the face. Stick notes to every wall in your home to remind you to become better at finances. You can go for thousands of courses on minding your money. Without a strong willpower, something will catch your eye, break the budget, and burn down your dreams of attaining wealth.

Unless you constantly exercise your willpower,  you are likely to remain in the comfort zone of financial struggle. . Decide to attain wealth, whatever that means for you. Once you know what wealth looks like, make it your life’s mission to reach that goal. Use willpower as your super side-kick power that will block all bad decisions around money. If it is not in the budget, it simply isn’t bought.

Desire Wealth, Desire it With Your Heart and Soul

How badly do you want wealth? Do you want wealth more than the jacket that you saw on sale? Do you want wealth more than the latest model vehicle? Do you want to be wealthy, more than a Saturday night bill of R2000? Do you want wealth more than take-aways every week?

That answer lies with you. If you want it badly enough, nothing is stopping you. The time frame is different  for everyone. Wealth is within your reach though, nothing is stopping you, except your desire. The greater your desire, the greater your willpower will be. Nothing will get in your way.

So, if you want wealth, make the decisions that count. Want it with every fiber of your being. Desire it and attain it. The road is not easy and there will be many obstacles and temptations along the way, but with impenetrable desire you cannot be swayed from achieving your goals. Sometimes the hardest decisions on the road to wealth, is asking for assistance to make ends meet. If you need assistance with debt repayments, simply ask, and we will see where and how we can make your money work for you.

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