How Spring Cleaning Can Save You Money

Spring is a season synonymous with many things, and of these perhaps the most unpleasant is spring-cleaning. Spring-cleaning is often a task we delay or start out inspired, after which the novelty wears off. Either way, an annual proper spring-cleaning session is not only good for your health but can also save you money, and here’s how:

1. Make money from the things you don’t use anymore

A spring-clean is not only about washing curtains and wiping down those hard to reach places. It is also about getting rid of clutter and sorting out cupboards. Ask yourself whether or not you have used an item over the past year, and the likelihood of you using it in the future. By selling off things you can turn unused items into cash to pay off debt or boost your savings.

2. Find hidden gems to put to use

If you are bored with a room in your home, there’s no harm in buying a lampshade or curtains on credit, right? The answer to this question completely depends on your financial situation. If you can repay it in the next month, then perhaps it is okay. If not, it is not worth it. Instead, look out for old paint, décor and materials during your spring-clean session and use it to give an old room a new, fresh look.

3. Thrift your way to a new wardrobe

Thrifting is the term given to second-hand, rarely worn clothes sold at good prices. How many pieces of clothing do you have in your closet that you’ve only worn once or twice? There is probably a good reason you haven’t worn it (too big; too small; not really you etc.), and chances are you never will. But someone else might. Contact a thrift store and sell what you aren’t wearing. Whatever money you make can be used to pay off current clothing debt, or shop for second-hand bargains.

4. Keeps your hands busy

You know what they say about idle hands… Depending on the state of your house, and its size, spring-cleaning can keep the entire family busy for many a weekend. By keeping your hands and mind busy there will be less Saturdays spent at the mall, meaning you can save on this month and perhaps also next month’s entertainment budget. Be creative about it, divide tasks and make it a fun family activity.

Just like spring is the time to declutter your immediate surroundings, it is also the time to reflect on your financial life. Is debt encumbering all of your current and future plans? Let Debt Rescue help you take back control. Contact us today.

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