If you are struggling to keep your head above water, take advantage of debt review this festive season. Start 2023 with an affordable budget that works for you. How to Manage Debt During the Festive Season | Debt Rescue Blog

How to Manage Debt During the Festive Season

If you are already struggling with your debt, this time of year can be difficult to manage financially. For over indebted South Africans, clever budgeting can only get you so far. A lot has changed since December 2021. We’ve seen the cost of food and fuel go up and interest rate hikes increasing our debt repayments. 

If you are struggling to keep up with your debt and are unable to keep up with living expenses, there is help available through the NCR regulated debt review process. Debt Review legislation came into effect in 2005 to protect the consumer and offer statutory relief in the event that they can no longer afford their debt.

What is Debt Review? Do I need it?

How many of these boxes do you tick?  

South Africans are resilient, excellent at making plans and keeping their heads above water. However, no one could have predicted the rising costs at the speed at which it has happened. If you agree with 3 or more of the statements below, it may be worth considering debt review. 

  1. Your debt is affecting your mental health (sleep, anxiety, stress, depression)
  2. Your income is no longer covering all your living expenses
  3. You have or are thinking about selling assets to cover costs
  4. You are looking for ways to take out more credit to cover your debt
  5. You have fallen behind with one or more of your debt repayments
  6. You have reached your limit on one or more of your credit cards or overdraft facilities

Debt review was put into place to help South Africans financially. It was specifically designed to provide a safety net for consumers to keep their assets, keep up with living costs and still settle their debts. If the above statements resonate with your life, debt review may be able to help you today. 

What Makes Debt Rescue Stand Out Above the Rest

When South Africa announced the debt review solution, Debt Rescue stood up and was first in line to help consumers as best as possible. Debt Rescue does not only offer debt review solutions but also provides South Africans with a massive collection of helpful resources to mend their financial situation. 

Debt Rescue has helped thousands of people get out of debt in an affordable manner. With a large, dedicated team, Debt Rescue provides friendly, helpful, and expert service to the entire South Africa. Debt Rescue restructures your debt into an affordable, single reduced monthly instalment and provides the legal protection for you. Debt Rescue handles the negotiations, communications and protects you from the creditors.

How Can You Take Advantage of Debt Review Immediately?

It may be the festive season, but that doesn’t stop us from helping South Africans. We have also put a bonus in place to help our clients out even more. If you decide to take advantage of debt review through Debt Rescue, you will receive a free Samsung smartphone after only two successful debt review payments. 

  1. No-obligation online quotation 
  2. Contact us via telephone
  3. Contact us via WhatsApp
  4. Contact us via email

If you have more questions regarding debt review through Debt Rescue, then please visit our FAQ page.

Perhaps you only want a way to see all your debt repayments and credit facilities in a single place. If so, make use of our free credit dashboard, available to all South Africans immediately. Whatever your decision, remember that we are here to assist you when you are ready. 


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