How to save more at work

We spend around three quarters of our lives at work or commuting to and from it. It is therefore natural that a large portion of our budgets are spent to make life here more colourful, delicious and interesting.

Here are a few tips that could help you save more money on work-related things:

Tip 1: Drive less to and from work

How big a portion of your budget is your monthly fuel spend taking up? You can reduce this by a substanial amount by driving to work less. A great idea, which could also make the daily trips to an from more interactive is car pooling with colleagues in your area. Using public transport is also a double benefit because you can use this extra time to read, catch up on social media etc. And now that it is winter, working from home one day of the week is also a great money-saver.



Tip 2: Pack your own lunch & snacks

How much money are you spending at the office canteen, deli or restaurant? Keep your statements, you’ll be shocked to see the result.

Instead, pack a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snack for every day. You’ll not only save money daily, but you’ll also have more energy and brain-power throughout the day.


Tip 3: Drink the free coffee, tea etc. at work

There is nothing like that barista-brewed Café Late, Americana or Espresso to get you motivated at work. However, it is racking up quite the bill. Instead, drink the free coffee, tea etc. at work. The same applies to water or any other free items the office supplies. Don’t spend money on buying a different, colourful work diary for e.g. if your work has already supplied you with a basic one.



Tip 4: Think out of the “wardrobe”

Most mornings, dressing for work feels like the ulitmate nightmare. Before heading to the shops for new outfits try being resourceful first:




  • Swap out clothing with friends.
  • Try different combinations etc.
  • Could the addition of a warm cardigan, pair of tights and a scarf perhaps turn some of your summer dresses/skirts into winter options?  
  • Shop second hand.
  • Buy accessories like jewellery, scarves and charlies to give new life to older outfits.

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