How to simplify your finances

Life is complicated. But that doesn’t mean your finances need to be! With a few easy changes, you can make your financial life much simpler:

Tip 1: Use technology


Make technology work for you! There are literally hundreds of apps that allow you to manage your budget from the palm of your hand. Click on the link to check out some of the top apps of 2016:

Tip 2: Ditch the paper


Digital statements are easier to file and easier to reference. Instead of reading through the entire document, you can quickly do a keyword search and find the line item you are looking for. Plus, going digital is better for the environment.

Tip 3: Automate


Setting up payments to automatically go off your account makes things so much easier than manually paying every bill every month. Just load the transaction once, set the start and end dates, and let it handle itself!

Tip 4: Live within your means


Juggling funds from one account to another to make sure you don’t default on them is stressful! Why not cut back on your spending where you can and clear your debt? Only using what you have is a much simpler way to approach your finances.

Tip 5: Simplify your goals


If your financial goals are too complex, you might find yourself spending too much time and effort on keeping everything on track. It might be a good idea to revisit and restructure your goals.

Tip 6: Tackle your debt


You can’t ignore your debt problems and expect them to go away. Rather face them head-on and commit to a debt repayment plan you can stick to. Knowing what you need to repay each month, and by when you will be done paying simplifies your financial situation greatly.

Tip 7: Pay your bills online


Doing your banking electronically has never been as easy – or as safe – as it is today. Gone are the days of queuing in a branch to pay a bill or to make a transfer. These new banking options also make it easier for you to stay on top of your finances, as everything is available to you online.

If you feel that your money matters have become extremely complex due to exorbitant debt installments, don’t try to do it alone. Feel free to contact Debt Rescue for help.

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