Jodie van der Walt: A Journey of Passion and Glory

Rising starJodie van der Walt, at just 15 years old is already making waves in the world of martial arts. This young athlete from Melkbosstrand High School is set to represent South Africa at an international martial arts championship in Abu Dhabi. Her journey is filled with dedication and discipline which is nothing short of inspiring, especially for young South African girls wanting to enter this arena. 

Jodie’s Early Days

Her passion for martial arts began at a very young age. Jodie started exploring various disciplines, which included Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing, but it was MMA that really captured her heart. During her interview on Smile 90.4FM Jodie shared, “I love Jiu-Jitsu, but MMA definitely takes the top spot for me.”  For Jodie MMA isn’t just about the physical combat but the camaraderie and the mental challenge this sport brings. She added, “The camaraderie in MMA comes through so much stronger than in any other sport I’ve ever done.” 

Jodie’s Mental Game

For Jodie, it’s all about mental preparation. “It’s like you’re more fighting against yourself than the person in front of you,” she explained. Overcoming personal barriers, testing her skills and pushing her own limits, is the true battle. “You have to get into the right headspace, otherwise, you can’t fight.”

The Road from Melkbos to Abu Dhabi

MMAIt’s Jodie’s dedication which has earned her a place on the international stage. “I am quite excited,”she said. “We’re leaving on the 1st of August to the 14th, and I’m very honoured and super excited to be there.”

Community Support

In her hometown, Jodie has received wonderful support from her local community and her high school. Melkbosstrand High is literally buzzing with excitement as they get ready to support and cheer her on. This Saturday the 13th of July Jodie will be competing in the Barebones MMA Championship. This epic fight will be held at her school Melkbosstrand High School and is sponsored by Debt Rescue.  “I am really happy about it,” she said. 

Jodie’s Journey

Jodie is a wonderful example of what hard work, dedication and immense passion can achieve. Debt Rescue would like to wish Jodie all the best as she represents South Africa in Abu Dhabi! 

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Listen to Jodie’s Interview on Smile 90.4 FM

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